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Part# 11-06285
MFR Model# S1821502-02


The KANNAD Company specializes in the design of positioning, measuring and data transmission systems for remote environments. The company relies on a name, KANNAD, which is well established within France and international markets, KANNAD is also well known for its COSPAS SARSAT distress beacon brand which has been manufactured for over 20 years.

KANNAD is one of the world leaders in the field of maritime, aeronautical and land-based distress beacons. Certified worldwide, TSO and JTSO, the Kannad ELT is easy to install wherever you operate and wherever the aircraft is flying during its life. The Kannad ELTs are OEM by a number of prime aircraft manufacturers of fixed or rotary wings and deliver value for the retrofit market by easy installation, easy programming and fleet management capability.

The Kannad 406 AF is designed to be installed near the tail and to be connected to an outside antenna. A sophisticated “shock sensor” system will activate the ELT automatically in the event of a crash. Its small size and light weight make it ideal for general aviation. The "Mounting Bracket, 1 Strap" is not included, see options.

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  • Optional Navigation Interface transmits GPS coordinates significantly shortening Search and Rescue response time.
  • Operates without aircraft power and incorporates an internal alarm/buzzer avoiding costly installation procedures.
  • Six year lithium manganese battery.
  • Three frequency transmitter (121.5 / 243 / 406 MHz)
  • Weight: (Including batteries) 2.44 lbs (1110 g) / max 2.60 lbs (1180g)
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This is a well designed unit with great documentation. I installed it in my Experimental Aircraft. A major disappointment was the cheap connectors (DB9 and round 12 Pin) supplied with this pricy unit. Really Kannad, you couldn’t have supplied quality connectors for the price point of this unit? I bought a superior DB9 connector to replace the cheap one included in the kit for less than $4.00. My A&P had to figure out how to solder the 24 gauge wiring into the custom 12 pin, which I couldn’t find a replacement for. It is designed well and it works, but it could have been a much easier install had Kannad used quality connectors.

Ed R
September 19, 2014


Q: Can auxiliary antenna be considered for installation as an outside antenna on aircraft structure (if there is no requirement of same for remote operation). Note that the aircraft is Britten Norman BN2T.

We recommend using the whip antenna (11-06288) for your ELT antenna.

Q: Where do you find the Beacon Hexcode on the Kannad 406 ELT?

There is a label on the ELT with the hexcode.

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