Crown Ky-197A Transceiver

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Part# 11-03848
MFR Model# KY0197A-30


The KY 197A utilizes a space-saving flatpack design, allowing it to fit neatly into your Silver Crown stack. The unit measures a trim 1.3" x 6.3" and weighs just 2.8 pounds.The 14-volt KY-197A delivers 10 watts minimum transmit output power. This unit incorporates solid-state construction, with a digital frequency synthesizer generating all COMM frequencies. Despite its wide range of capabilities, the KY-197A was designed to be easy to read and logical to operate. For example, the active frequency is clearly distinguishable from the standby, with both displayed in separate, dedicated windows. This enables you to select the standby frequency while continuing to monitor the active frequency. After your frequency change is approved, one push of the transfer switch "flip-flops" the two frequencies.

The KY-197A features nine-pilot-programmable memory channels. Total frequency storage capacity is eleven, including those in "USE" and "STBY". This allows you to program in advance a string of often used frequencies. The memory channels and "USE" and "STBY" frequencies are held in nonvolatile storage. EEROM (Electrically Erasable Read Only Memory) devices are used so that no batteries or external power are required to "remember" stored frequencies through power interruptions or shutdowns. Easy-to-read gas-discharge displays clearly show all selections. The 118.00MHz to 136.975MHz range of the KY-197A provide 760 COMM frequencies. An audio leveling feature automatically amplifies weak audio signals and mutes strong signals. Must be installed by a King dealer.
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  • Transmitter: C37c, Class 4
  • Receiver: KY 197A- C38c, Class A
  • Physical Dimensions:Height: 1.35 in (3.43 cm), Width: 6.312 in(16.032 cm), Depth: 10.776 in (25.847 cm), Weight: 2.8 lbs (1.27 Kg)
  • Temperature Range: -20 to +55 with short time operation at +70
  • Power Requirements: KY 197A- 14VDC at 1.0A (Receive), 6.0A (Transmit)
  • Frequency Range: KY 197A- 118.000 MHz to 136.975 MHz in 25kHz increments
  • Frequency Stability: .0015% from -20C to +55C
  • Power Output: KY 197A- 10 Watts minimum
  • Sidetone Output: Adjustable up to 100mW into 500 headphones
  • Microphone: Must provide 100mV RMS into 100 load
  • Duty Cycle: 1 minute on, 4 minutes off
  • Receiver Output: 100mW minimum into 500



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Q: What antenna is recommended for use with the Crown KY-197A Transceiver?

There are a number of suitable antennas for the KY-197A transceiver from a number of different manufacturers. A VHF Com antenna with a 118.00MHz to 136.975MHz range would be required.

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