Skycom H-40A Aviation Headset - Dual GA Plugs

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Part# 11-09099
MFR Model# H-40A


This entry level Skycom H-40A Passive Headset is a great headset for the student pilot or a pilot on a budget. It features Foam Ear Seals and an Air-Foam Headpad for exceptional comfort and fit. It Features a high quality Noise Cancelling Electret Microphone specially designed to match the frequency of the human voice to provide sound clarity, best intelligibility, and background noise reduction.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


  • Chrome Hardware
  • Metal/Swivel Mic Boom
  • Air-Foam Headpad
  • Foam Ear Seals
  • Hand Adjustable Knurled Knobs
  • 3 Year Warranty


Works as expected. Not luxury, but cant beat the price & function.

Christopher C Verified Purchase


July 10, 2023

I Bought this model, the instructor told me about dont wast in cheap and buy RECOGNIZED BRANDS, i use it for 6 flights and buy a 800 usd model with active noise cancellation, The active noise cancellation cut the background type sounds, but the H-40A is quieter than the one with noise cancellation, i will transfer the noise cancellation system from the expensive unit, to the H-40, this unit is a great headset, you can buy a noise cancellation kit and install on them and will have a top quality headset below 350.

Roberto A
June 20, 2023

This is a basic low cost system. Functions as advertised.

Robert Y Verified Purchase


July 15, 2022

Based on just one flight, they seem pretty good, the sound is a good as my DC ones. They are not as well put togther as the DC ones, not a big issue. For the price though and as spares for my airplane they are perfect. My DC ones have had the plastic parts of the wiring cords turn to mush and crumble away, these cost less that the replacement cords and no hassle finding someone to solder them in.

Eric B
May 26, 2018

When i start to look for a headset, and compare 1000 usd for the most advanced 400 for the workhorses and 100 for the entry level, has noise cancellation and may be are clone from a more expensive brand,i dont care about brand if the materials and quality are good, if you sell an bad quality entry level product you will loose a client, aircrafspruce will not take that kind of risk as the logo is on it.

Roberto A
April 28, 2023

About what youd expect from a 90/00 dollar headset.

John O
July 13, 2017


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Q: Does part number 11-09099 headsets have a mono and stereo setting switch?

No this version does not. Our part number 11-09098 has this option.

Q: For the Skycom H-40A, what size are the plug-ins? Is it stereo or mono? What does it weigh? Do you need to use a push to talk switch to communicate with ATC?

This version is a mono headset. Part number 11-09098 has the stereo option. To transmit to ATC, you would need to use a push to talk button. The headset weighs three pounds. The size of the plugs are your standard GA type of .25 and .206.

Q: I am going to be wiring this headset into some audio conferencing equipment, and I'm looking for options for adapters I can use with this product. Are both the plugs on this headset considered Mono? Which one is 0.25 in and which is 0.206 in? What would you call those two plugs if looking for compatible adapters?

This is a mono headset with Dual General Aviation Plugs. The headphone plug is 0.25 inches and the Microphone is 0.206 inches. They are called dual GA plugs or jacks.

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