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Part# 11-17450
MFR Model# EQ3S


This Replacement EQ-1 Headset Only is to be coupled with EQ-Link Wireless System.

Attention: This is an accessory and Will Not Operate without the complete EQ-Link Wireless Headset & Link Set (See Related Items).

The EQ-1 Wireless headset requires either the EQ-Link module or the EQ-Base controller.

The EQ-1 headset is designed for wireless freedom. This is the same headset that is supplied with either the EQ-Link Kit or EQ-1 Wireless system. Now you can enjoy all of the features of a premium ANR headset with none of the wires!


  • Wireless technology used in the EQ wireless system is cutting edge, with advanced software to make the transmission stable and clear.
  • You will never get scratchy radio calls, or bad connections as all the pesky wires from the headset- which often break, is eliminated.
  • You have full digital ANR, making audio terrific and much easier to hear incoming calls from ATC and other aircraft.
  • Tried and proven since 2008.
  • Wireless Digital Active noise reduction
  • 5 year warranty
  • 24 hours talk time (twice that of the nearest competitor)
  • In flight charging with using standard USB charger.
  • Optional AUX battery pack is available.
  • No AA batteries to change or go flat.
  • Full duplex, 2.4GHz clean secure communications - Not Bluetooth
  • Clean cockpit - microphone technology - cleaner transmissions
  • Transmits up to 10 metres.
  • lightweight - 540 Grams including battery
  • Compatible with all intercoms and other aviation headsets
  • Bluetooth option available


  • The EQ1 is a full duplex digital wireless system designed from the ground up using over 20 years military RF design technology experience.
  • TheEQ-Link/ EQ1 headset combination can be used in conjunction with up to4 otherEG-Link / EQ1 Headset combinations in the one aircraft.
  • USB or 12v (5v-18v) charging capability
  • Cell phone interface via Bluetooth and yes we do have side tone at all times
  • High quality microphone using digital processing to reduce background noise.
  • Unique 'Clean Cockpit' processes unwanted cockpit nose from the microphone.
  • System is designed to interface correctly for each radio manufacturers idiosyncrasies. (EQ1 comms)
  • Incorporates 4 microphones and uses active noise reduction (ANR) technology for extreme noise aircraft.
  • Adaptive frequency hopping technology at 2.4GHz. (NOT blue tooth)
  • Voice is digitized and compressed before being sent across the RF interface.
  • The system uses TDMA protocol like GSM phones to achieve multi-channel full duplex operation.
  • VOX system is adjustable by user to adapt to personal environment
  • 'SOFTVOX' enabled to allow for short gaps in voice data. (no clipped words)
  • 'VOX MIC' protocol used to remove non speaking party from radio transmissions
  • The system also has full voice synthesis capability and can 'speak' many different messages and control information; all configurations are done this way (voice prompting). This can be expandable to a choice of languages.
  • Long life (23hr) NiMh rechargeable battery including voice announced capacity and severallow battery warnings.
  • Auto off function-- headsets will turn off automatically after end of flight.
  • No wires to tangle or break. Simple & easy to install
  • Emergency power back up for continual operation
  • Built in battery charger or International Multi-volt and 12v car chargers with voice announced percentage of charge
  • Can be charged from the aircraft with auto off when charged.
  • Wall charger will charge to full then trickle charge indefinitely- this means never having a flat battery after a long break from flying.
  • Headsets can be used independently and can operate 'peer to peer'

In The Box

  • 1 - Headset with carry case
  • 2 - USB-mini usb charge cable (suitable for 'inflight' or 240v)
  • 1 - 240v charger