Pilot Medical Handbook Human Factors For Successful Flying

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Indispensable for pilots and other aviation workers, this comprehensive guide contains the authoritative word on pilot health and flight safety. Being a safe pilot involves more than checking the weather, filing a flight plan, and performing a preflight inspection. It also requires that pilots assess their physical and mental health and evaluate a slew of situational factors.

This valuable reference contains detailed FAA-approved recommendations for determining when a flight is a “no-go” and details the variables that go into such a weighty decision—including medications, fatigue, trapped gases, vision impediments, spatial disorientation, hypoxia, and carbon monoxide. Pilots will learn how to determine their personal minimums in flying, evaluate the benefits of LASIK surgery, and confidently handle in-air situations that could quickly become emergencies, such as smoke in the cabin and altitude-induced decompression sickness.

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