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Part# 13-18725
MFR Model# 2251595300000


This book is a critical study of the NACA airfoil design work addressing errors and omissions of the NACA work and correcting NACA airfoils where needed. This is a comprehensive catalog of airfoils designed for general aviation use. Also included are sections on general wing design, including planform, wing tips, root stakes, aircraft performance and stability, and more. 136 pages. By Harry Riblett.


This is a very interesting book. There are 16 pages of 8-1/2 x 11 single spaced text followed by about a hundred pages of airfoils and articles. Harry points out that the NACA airfoils were test subjects for the wind tunnel but not the intended for aircraft. The 5-digit airfoils (e.g. 23012) are particularly scorned. I took me a few times through the text to figure out his method. An important book. I am glad I have it.

Dan M
March 18, 2019

The late Harry Riblett wrote this book for general aviation after finding NASA disinterested in airfoil development for GA in 1986. He bought a computer and developed GA airfoils for our typical airspeeds, and this book is the result. The discussion is good, but the illustrations are sometimes hard to read being mainly hand drawn. Also, the organization is haphazard, and in my copy I wrote the page number to the referenced figures for easier rereading. The table of contents does give page numbers for the figures-use it. This is the first GA airfoil book to use a computer analysis, and later computer programs are better but this may be all the book that you need for this subject.

James F
January 3, 2018


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