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Ace Abbott invites you to take a ride on the wild side through a bizarre aviation career that involved 25 aviation employers, while flying to 44 countries in 36 years.

Ace will present you with an insider's view of the rarely seen "back alleys of aviation" while providing the reader with insight into the nuances of commercial aviation. The reader will also join Ace for some scintillating cockpit experiences in the Air Force T-37, T-38, and F-4 Phantoms. This book is also filled with bone chilling anecdotes from his Learjet flying, which includes a look at life in a Venezuelan prison.

As the adventure unfolds, Ace will relate his many excursions to the aviation penthouse, while flying the rich and famous; but often followed by rapid oscillations to the aviation outhouse, as he scurries about like a hungry rat in search of another Boeing 727 to fly for hire. While many of his pilot contemporaries are deciding whether to buy that condo in Aspen or the sailboat for Martinique, Ace Abbott is walking around the airports with a sign, WILL FLY FOR FOOD.

The reader will be exposed to the outer edges of the aviation envelope and learn how airlines will allow profitability to trump safety, often with the complicity of the FAA. Ace will relate numerous scenarios extracted from his aviation career that elaborate on this theme as he tells of his 24+ hour "duty days. (Pilot fatigue is a current front and center issue in commercial aviation) The good, the bad, and the ugly of aviation will be revealed in The Rogue Aviator: In the Back Alleys of Aviation.

AUTHOR BIO: Ace Abbott (pen name) spent his first 22 years in the scenic Finger Lakes of upstate NY. Upon completion of college he entered the U.S. Air Force where he became an F-4 Phantom fighter pilot based in the Far East. He returned to the civilian world in 1971 and became a Learjet pilot for charter companies, with extensive flying to the Caribbean and Latin America. From 1980 until 2002 (mandatory retirement-age 60) he was a Boeing 727 Captain for several (14) airlines.

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