Ecopoxy Clear Kit

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Part# 09-04101
MFR Model# EPCLK10-1.5L


These Clear Kits are ideal for sealing / clear-coating surfaces such as concrete and wood, as well as for wetting fabrics that require a clear, waterproof finish. Odourless and non-toxic, It can be applied indoors or outdoors without masks or ventilation. This self-leveling kit is applies at approximately 10 mils finish thickness. It provides a durable, light reflective floor with excellent adhesion qualities. Itís easily roller applied.

The Clear Kit is non-shrinking, and resistant to to water, acids, other solvents. It will never peel, flake or chalk when properly applied. Typical use include Warehouse Floors, Aisle ways, Storage Areas, Industrial & Commercial Floors.


  • Color: Clear (Visual)
  • Mix Ratio: 2:1
  • Pot Life: 15-20 Minutes
  • 1.5 L / 1.6 Qt


My order came very quickly. The product, though more expensive than comparable epoxies, was well worth it. It works exactly like other much more toxic products. So far no noticeable odor, and no headaches! It dried crystal clear and super hard. Thanks!

Jonathan K
January 23, 2018


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Q: Can EcoPoxy be thinned in order to spray on a surface? If so, what would be compatible to thin it?

This material can be thinned 2% with Denatured Alcohol. The manufacturer does not have any information for a spray application.

Q: Can this ecopoxy be wet-sanded or polished?

Yes it can be wet sanded, but the manufacturer recommends dry sanding. Yes, it can be polished.

Q: Regarding EcoPoxy Clear Kit: What coverage per gallon would you expect on a raw wood substrate? How many coats are typical to get a 10 mil build?

It is approx 100 sq ft per gallon. Normally 2 coats will get you a 10 mil build. The first one just seals the wood.

Q: Are these Ecopoxy clear kits considered hazardous goods for shipping?

Per Vendor: No, they are not hazardous materials.

Q: Is there a pump system available for ecopoxy systems?

They do not offer a ratio pump system, we do offer a counter top adjustable ratio pump, p/n 01-16010 , used with many epoxy systems.

Q: What is the Ecopoxy Clear kit temp range?

EcoPoxy Resin and Clear Hardener should not be applied when surface temperature is above 90 degrees F. or below 60 degrees F.

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