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Part# 09-00500
MFR Model# GF8767-3809


**Note: Sold by the yard. NOT for use on certified aircraft.**

Easily controlled shrinkage by the application of heat by either a conventional steam iron or other heat source assures a professional covering job even on the first attempt. May be coated with aircraft dope, epoxies or other finishes as acceptable to the FAA. Dacron is available in many weights and weaves but three types have been selected as being most suitable as an aircraft covering material.

For Aircraft Covering

The tensile strength of Grade A and Irish Linen aircraft fabrics is 80 lbs, which may be used as a comparable standard in selecting the proper Dacron fabric weight for a specific application. 1.8 oz. lightweight material which is generally used on gliders and over plywood. 2.7 oz. fabric is comparable in strength to Grade A. The finer weave assures an ultra-smooth texture-free finish. The 2.97 oz. material is a heavy duty fabric for extraordinary service.

For Composite Lay-Up

A layer of 2.97 oz. Dacron fabric strips or tape laminated into a layup as if it were an extra ply of glass. The peel coat wets out with epoxy like glass cloth and cures along with the rest of the layup. However, the Dacron does not adhere structurally to the glass and when peeled away it leaves a surface ready for glass-to-glass bonding without sanding. Poly/Dacron blend is excellent as peel ply for composite lay-ups.


  • Weight: 2.97 OZ/SQ. YD
  • Weave: Plain
  • Width: 62" - 68" Wide (Depending on Availability)


I havent tried it yet due to the weather. But it looks good. Thank you will purchase from you again. Tom

Thomas B
May 1, 2020

Perfect quick order done right

June 17, 2019

I know this is aircraft dacron, but Im told it is also suitable for skin-on-frame boats. Im building a kayak right now and am wondering what widths this material comes in and what the cost would be for seven yards. thank you john kessel

John K
March 22, 2018

Beautiful stuff

Robert N
February 27, 2018

Three stare are mere doing ones duty to get out a good product. Three stars.

Donald R
May 2, 2020

Many flaws made much of it unusable for the wings on my SN8. One flaw didnt show until I shrunk the covering. Ill patch.

Dennis S
May 22, 2019


Q: Will this dacron shrink when heat is applied? How tough is this material? Is it easy to puncture? Can I use epoxy to bond the dacron to a wooden frame?

This material will shrink when heat is applied. It is a tough material, but can be easily cut with scissors or any other sharp cutting tools. Fabric cement is recommended to adhere this cloth to any structure.

Q: Is it possible to dye this fabric?

We only offer dopes and paints for this fabric, but it is just bare polyester fabric, so it should be able to be dyed. However, we do not have experience dying this material.

Q: Is this Dacron full width peel ply fabric rated for UV light?

No, this is a raw material with no coatings. A UV protective coating paint or material would be needed to protect it from UV damage.

Q: How wide is this Dacron peel ply material? Part # 09-00500

The width is 62" off the loom.

Q: How wide is this Dacron peel ply material? Part # 09-00500

The width is 62" off the loom.

Q: Does an order of quantity 1 yield a 62" x 36" piece?

Yes, it will be 62" width x 1 yard length for an order of quantity 1.

Q: Regarding Part # 09-00500: Should I use shrinking or non-shrink dope with Dacron? What about the adhesive shrinking or non-shrinking? What is meant by peel ply?

Dacron needs to be heated with an iron to the correct temps for the maximum tautness. Non-tautening dope is to be used on pre-shrunk material. The fabric cement is non-tautening. Peel Ply is a term used in the composite industry, and Dacron is a polyester material that is used as a peel ply for composite lay-ups.

Q: If I order multiple quantity - like 5 yards, will it arrive cut or on a roll?

We ship linear yards, unless you instruct us to do otherwise. If you order 5 yards you will get one continuous piece of 5 yds, on a roll, or folded if you instruct us to.

Q: is this fabric coated? Im looking for un-coated fabric, to reduce contamination of composite construction when using as peel ply.

The best material for this application is the part # 01-01622 full width peel ply we offer.

Q: Will this Dacron work with the Poly Fiber painting system?

It will work, but in order to comply with the STC you would need to use poly fiber fabric with the Poly system.

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