Aerolife Polyprotech Fuel Tank Sealant Dual Component

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Part# 09-02543
MFR Model# AL13063


Fuel Tank Sealant “Dual Phase”(two-part) A long lasting, permanently flexible "Dual Phase" Polysulfide Sealant includes catalyst (not shown in image). Fast curing two part system where time of completion is the criteria; cures to a firm flexible rubber seal with excellent adhesion qualities. Excellent resistance to oils, gasoline and diesel fuel; ideal for fuel tanks, cures to a firm flexible rubber seal, a product more for the professional than the home builder.

Approximately 45 minute application time.
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Great stuff Great price

Charlie Verified Purchase


December 24, 2021

great product!!

John B Verified Purchase


September 25, 2021

Good stuff

Kenny D Verified Purchase


August 25, 2021


Eliel A Verified Purchase


August 17, 2021

Quality sealant, like PR-C. Throw out a hint: if You need a small batch, all You have to do it divide weight of big can by weight of small one. Use precision scale for small amounts. It is easy.

October 26, 2018

I have used this product for about 15 years now and it has worked fantastic every single time but , the last 2 times i bought it it came almost dry , very stinky like as it was a pretty old product or expired and it doesnt have an expiration date printed in the can . Definitely the last 2 times i just throw my money away cause i cant have my money back and the product is not working . That is why i rate it with 3 stars only .

Federico G
January 17, 2022

I receive the quart of product with intent of using a little of it to seal a leak in my RV4 fuel tank. Be aware it comes with no detail instruction. I contacted the producer learned this: It’s a 28 to 1 ratio mix. Quart Intended for a single mix use. 50% RH, 70’s degree temp conditions Recommends electric stirrer for mixing. More suitable for team use to meet time constraints. Order the single component product in tube for smaller tasks. Expect much longer cure time.

Robert M
April 26, 2019

This really is for the pros. If you are not going to use the entire contents this is not for you. There are no instructions for mixing a small batch. To do so without knowing the ratio is running a risk of have a poor seal of what you are trying to accomplish.

February 17, 2018

This stuff is very thick. I wanted to use it to slosh seal my tank, but this stuff wont work for that. I recon this stuff is like class B sealant, so I mixed 15% toluene in some recently expired B-2 to see if that might thin the stuff enough to make it flow for sloshing. That thinned it enough to apply it with a roller, but not to flow. I think I need Class A sealant.

William S
April 10, 2020

Reviewed previously. Add this to the previous review. The catalyst container in the order was essentially empty. There was nowhere nearly enough to meet the manufacter’s requirement for a 28 to 1 activation ratio. This product is being returned for credit.

Robert M
May 3, 2019


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Q: Is this product compatible with pro-seal?

They are like items, but we do not have any data to determine how well they will work with each other.

Q: Is the Aerolife Polyprotech Fuel Tank Sealant brushable? Will it bond to Fiberglass / Polyvinyl-ester?

This material can be applied with a firm brush and used on clean contamination-free fiberglass surfaces.

Q: What do you mean, firm brush, will a regular paint brush be firm enough?

It is pretty thick material. You could try a standard brush, and cut the bristles down if its not firm enough to spread the product.

Q: Is the activator part be available separately?

Yes, we can special order the activator separately. Please contact the sales department for details on price and lead time for the special order.

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