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PTI, located in Los Angeles, has been manufacturing aircraft dopes, thinners and special products for the aircraft industry for 50 years. A small company making good quality, high-solids dopes, very competitively priced. Since their products are made locally, we enjoy a tremendous saving in delivery costs which is reflected in the pricing as well. We have handled their line for many years with complete customer satisfaction.


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great product work very well

Brian W
April 9, 2021

Stripped the paint right off of my band RV7 parts. As mechanical means will not leave the substrate in a useable condition. Works quickly and fast as it should. Not for indoor structures, wear the proper PPE use in well ventilated areas only. William

William W
March 24, 2021

Ok, I want to start off by saying that I finally got to use this product and have to say this is THE BEST STRIPPER AROUND, I have been restoring cars for a living for the last 35 years, I have used back in the days Tal strip ll airplane stripper which has been gone now for at least 10 years, then switched over to Klean Strip aircraft remover, that worked great as well UNTILL now they took out the main chemical that strips paint , So Klean Strip is nothing but a waste of money and does not work, I came across this product and can not say enough as to how GREAT this stripper works, People please trust me on this, This is the best thing on the market and I really do hope that the company selling this product can keep up with the demand of supplies at hand for us people to purchase this product !!!, ANYONE USING this product needs to follow the directions of how to use this stripper, ((( IT IS COMMON SENSE ))) to read the directions and have proper ventilations and air flow, On another note I want to thank this company for being so kind and helpful with the staff working there on phone conversations and emails and just being very helpful and polite and pleasant to talk too :) keep up the good work and I will be buying more when needed, please try and keep product available to buy when needed................ Thank you Paul B

Paul B
February 17, 2021

This is the real deal! Wear PPE when handling this chemical and have good ventilation:-)

January 11, 2021

Great product! SUPER FAST shipping!

December 23, 2020

great product, stripped the paint right off in minutes!!

September 18, 2020

Using it to remove a couple of coats of paint from a cement front porch entrance Works better than I could possibly imagine

Kenneth K
August 3, 2020

Nothing works better !

Al W
July 29, 2020

Great stuff!

Jeff S
May 31, 2020

Good product

May 22, 2020


Q: 1. What is the temperature range for application of the Certified Coatings paint remover? 2. What method(s) are used for application of product. 3. Is this product solvent based?

The optimum temp to apply is 70 degrees F. The material can be applied by brushing, rolling, dipping, or spraying (with an airless, pump sprayer). The material is solvent based.

Q: Generally, how many square feet of metal can a gallon of this product strip?

That is a tough question to answer. It depends on the type and quality of the paint on the aircraft. If the aircraft was prepped and painted well, a couple coats of the stripper may be required.

Q: Can this be used to strip paint from fiberglass?

Per the tech data sheet it can soften fiberglass. It is recommended for wood, metal, and concrete.

Q: Does this Certified Coatings paint remover contain methylene chloride?

Yes, This paint remover, CCP-C282, does Methylene Chloride.

Q: Is this product in a gel form and will it remove automotive base/ clear paint?

It is not quite a gel but it is thicker than liquid. It will remove automotive paint.

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