Fast Drying Graphite Spray 50605 - 10 Oz

$5.65/Spray Can
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Part# 09-25600
MFR Model# 50605


MCKAY Graphite Spray lubricates and leaves a fast drying graphite film on all automotive, marine and industrial parts before and after assembly. Keeps gears, valves, heads, shafts, rocker arms, engines, transmissions and all metal parts operating quietly and efficiently by reducing heat and friction. Keeps valves and valve seats carbon-free. Leaves a dark metal-like finish that adds a high quality look to all repair work. prevents rust, corrosion and shelf deterioration. Non-abrasive, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic. Harmless to Anti-freeze and coolants.
10 Oz. Spray


Great Product, goes on evenly and dries quickly

November 4, 2020

I cannot review this item as there are no application instructions, and despite having contacted both Aircraft Spruce AND the manufacturer, I have zero response regarding the application information required. This MAY require that the part be media blasted, then baked in an oven after spraying, but no one appears to know. I believe this product - Graphite Spray - may be grossly mislabeled, and the description on the advert and can extremely misleading. It appears that this is merely a dry lubricant, and NOT a coating to be used on transmission gears and engine components as advertised. If you spray it on an antiseptically clean part and let it dry for 2-3 days, it immediately comes totally off with a paper towel.

Robert F
March 13, 2020


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Q: What is the thermal conductivity of fast dry graphite spray?

Per the supplier: We do not have the ability to measure the thermal conductivity.

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