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B/E Aerospace Ice Shield™ De-icing System SMR prepares your aircraft to encounter in-flight icing conditions. Ice Shield offers the cornerstones of quality—Fast, Effective, Smart—with a delivery guarantee you can count on.

  • Guaranteed 48-hour delivery within the continental United States
  • Simple installation on over 75 aircraft models
  • Distributor and installation-center locations nation-wide
  • Quick and safe removal of troublesome ice from wings
  • Prevention of ice build-up on props and engine inlets
  • Quality backed by B/E Aerospace - A world leader in aircraft accessories
  • Developed with a deep understanding of de-icing technology
  • Direct access to superior technical support and customer service
Ice Shield de-icing systems are trusted, widely available, and delivered fast—we guarantee it. So break the ice and get up there with Ice Shield.

For more information, please contact:

Aero Performance

Phone (877)785-2376

Ice Shield De-icing Systems

Ice Shield™ specializes in high quality de-icing systems for general and commuter aviation. Ice Shield de-icing products include pneumatic wing boot de-icers, propeller electrothermal boot de-icers, wire harnesses, full system kits, hardware and all accessories needed for installation of product. Ice Shield products are reliable, durable and accompanied by first class customer service. Aimed to please, Ice Shield offers a 48-hour delivery guarantee and a no-hassle warranty.


Wire Wound

Etched Foil

How Ice Shield Prop De-ice Boots Work

Ice Shield understands the importance of de-icing your propeller. The icing of a propeller can be catastrophic to pilots and passengers. When operators experience icing, they can rely on Ice Shield. Their prop boots prevent ice from forming on your propeller by heating the root of each blade on a "90-second on, 90-second off" cycle. They offer wire-wound patterns for installation on thinner blades, and etched foil designs for maximum durability and longevity.

Features and Benefits


  • No 60–90 day lead times — Guaranteed to ship out within 48 hours in the continental US and to US-based freight forwarders
  • Quick installation


  • Wire-wound patterns and etched foil designs available
  • Tapered edge design for easy application and superior aerodynamic transition
  • Textured bond surface for excellent adhesion
  • Built to survive rain and sand erosion with Aeroguard™ surface technology


  • No-hassle warranty
  • Easy, direct access to technical support
  • Best value for prop boots

How Ice Shield Wing De-ice Boots Work

Ice Shield™ de-icers support over 85 percent of the general aviation aircraft operating today. Interchangeable on all major General Aviation aircraft, Ice Shield wing de-ice boots are trusted worldwide by:

  • OEMs (such as Beechcraft King Air 350, 200, 90 and G58 Baron; EPIC LT and E1000; Lancair Evolution; Viking Air Twin Otter; Vulcanair Partenavia)
  • Regional operators
  • Part 135 charter operations
  • Many aircraft owners near and far

Their pneumatic de-icers use warm bleed air or exhaust to inflate tubular channels. This dislodges ice while conserving fuel and keeping you safe. As with all their products, their wing boots are manufactured by individuals who care about safety. They are driven to perform and ensure all Ice Shield de-icers are delivered on time with superior quality. Customer satisfaction and safety, above all, is important to the Ice Shield team.

Features & Benefits


  • No 60–90 day lead times — Guaranteed to ship out within 48 hours in the continental US and to US-based freight forwarders
  • Quick installation processes


  • Rugged, polymer construction ensures strength and longevity
  • Edge Guard technology proven to last 60 percent longer


  • No-hassle warranty
  • Easy, direct access to technical support
  • Best value for wing de-icers

Compatibility and Certifications

Ice Shield™ Wing Boots are certified on many aircraft including:

  • Beechcraft King Air Series
  • Cessna 200, 300, 400 and 500 Citation Series
  • Daher-Socata TBM 700/850
  • Embraer 110 & 120
  • Fairchild SA-226, SA-227 Metro/Merlin
  • Pilatus PC-12
  • Piper PA-42, PA-46 Series
  • SAAB 340

Upgrade your Piper Aircraft
with the new Ice Shield Continuous Timer!

Replace your old de-ice timer with Ice Shield’s new upgrade timer kit. The Ice Shield kit upgrades your Piper aircraft and adds value by offering continuous cycle times and failure annunciation. The current timer on your Piper requires the pilot to activate the de-icing system every time ice shedding is necessary. With Ice Shield’s new timer kit, the pilot simply turns on the de-icing system and system will cycle every 60 seconds !

The timer is an STC upgrade and includes all necessary items: de-ice timer, wire harness, cockpit activation switch, switch mounting plate, pressures switches, STC paperwork, installation manual and all items necessary for installation of product.

Like all Ice Shield products, their timers kits are backed with their No-Hassle warranty guarantee.

Ice Shield P/N Aero Performance P/N Aircraft Eligibility
SMR8400-06 08-16182 Piper 28V- 27-2506 to 27-3836 inclusive 37-3838 to 37-3943 inclusive 37-3837, 27-3944 to 27-7554168 inclusive, 27-4510 to 27-7304963 inclusive 27-7304965 to 27-7304993 inclusive
SMR8400-03 08-16183 Piper PA-31 S/N 31-5 thru 31-7512009
SMR8400-17 08-16184 Piper PA-31P 31P-3 to 31P-7530001 inclusive, 31P-7530003 to 31P7530008 inclusive, 31P-7530010, 31P-7530011, 31P-7530013 and 31P-7530016