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Novus Plastic Polish #1 gently cleans all plastics without scratching & leaves a lustrous shine that resists fogging, repels dust, and eliminates static. Leaves a shield that resists fingerprints and smudging, and is nontoxic & free of strong odors. Contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals.


Was using Plexiglass before I purchased the Novius 1,2,3 system for scratch repair on my windows. It worked amazing. So much so, after I kept using the #1 plastic clean and shine bottle. No residue, removes bugs easily. When I ran out I kept the bottle and just ordered a larger refill from Spruce.

Richard M
January 20, 2021

The only that was missing is the receipt. Other than that all good

John P
November 4, 2020

Does a great job.

Eddie B
September 13, 2019

I never allow anybody but me or a hired professional to clean my windshield but it happened once when I couldnt stop it and, wouldnt you know it, he left scratches all over the windshield. A friend told me about Novus #2 and I was skeptical but did as he suggested and it worked great. He also suggested buying Novus #1 for normal use so I did so and loved the results. The windshield seemed the cleanest I had seen it whenever I had done the cleaning.

Marc D
July 19, 2019

Best Ive found.

Charles W
June 13, 2019

Excellent product. couldnt be better. Great shipping too.

Audrey S
August 3, 2017

I purchased this because my dealer didn't have my usual cleaner in stock (Slip Streamer). The cleaner works great removing bugs, water spots, and smudges. It leaves a clean shiny finish on the plastic, and the smaller size is great to keep in your saddlebag. Be sure to use a cotton towel or clean rag (never use paper towels on your windshield because of the wood fiber). I still prefer Slip Streamer because it seems to have less static than this product.

October 21, 2014


Q: Is Novus #1 ok for lexan?

Yes, this will do a good job at cleaning the Lexan surface.

Q: Can I apply Novus 1 by hand or is it better with a polisher with polishing pad?

NOVUS #1 is a liquid polish(consistency of water) so it is best to spray it on and wipe off right away with a 100% cotton cloth. NOVUS #2 and #3 can be used with a DA polisher.

Q: Can i use Novus 1 to clean my aircraft windshield on a weekly basis? Just like a cleaner? Or it is more a polish rather than a cleaner?

Novus 2 has a fine abrasive and Novus 3 has a course abrasive, they are fine and heavy scratch removers. You could certainly use Novus 1 to clean your windshield as often as needed.

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