WP35 Weller Soldering Iron

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Part# 09-37430
MFR Model# WP35


Use to melt drain holes and inspection rings in polyester fabric. 35W, 900F tip. Tip replaceable and long life coated.


  • Professional Soldering Iron, 3-wire Cord
  • Ideal for a wide variety of electronic tasks, ST3 soldering tip included
  • Uses ST series long life iron-plated tips
  • Tip temperature varies with Wattage of each iron: WP25 - 750 / WP30 - 800 / WP35 - 850 F
  • Quick change knurled collar, stainless steel barrel
  • Light blue with cushion grip handle and quick change plug-in heating element
  • 6' 3-wire cord, iron is 7 7/8" long (w/o cord)
  • Uses Weller ST series tips
  • Use with optional Weller PH60 tool stand
  • UL and cUL listed (120 VAC series irons only)



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Q: Does this have a variable heat tip? Can I vary the temperature?

This does not have a variable heat tip. The iron uses "ST" series tips.

Q: What tip does the WP35 weller soldering iron come with?

It comes with the ST3 tip.

Q: You show 3 temperature tips in the write-up, which one is ST-3?

The three temps listed are in reference to wattage of the iron. This unit is the 35 watt so the tip temp would be 850 degrees.

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