Voodoo Wax Cleaner Polish

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Part# 09-01593


Developed for high speed aircraft applications, Voodoo Wax™ is the wax of choice for Team Voodoo's P-51 Mustang Unlimited Air Racer. The Voodoo Wax™ formula is ideal for application on aircraft, boats, automobiles and motorcycles.

Voodoo Wax™ Cleaner Polish contains the finest blends of ultra fine polishing agents, polymers and imported waxes.

Voodoo Wax™ Cleaner Polish rapidly cleans and removes fine and medium scratches, oxidization, water spots and environmental contaminates, leaving a deep, rich luster and durable finish. Safe for clear coat and non-clear coat finishes. Cleans and restores Lexan® and Plexi-Glass®.

Voodoo Wax™ Cleaner Polish is the ideal companion product to use prior to Voodoo Wax™ Racing Formula.

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Used the Voodoo wax to polish the windows. It did a great job of clearing up the light scratching in the plexiglass. I would recommend for this application (no pun intended).

June 8, 2019

Applied it on my Bonanza recently. Went on well and came off easily with some elbow grease. Looks good but time will tell how long it lasts. Also applied the racing formula after the cleaner and plane looked like new. Did get some runback/streaking after flying in the rain and had to go back over with wash wax all. I assume that’s just because some accumulated in the cracks/gaps and won’t happen again.

December 21, 2020

The directions state that the polish should be allowed to dry to a haze before removal, but I found that if allowed to dry it was nearly impossible to remove the polish. I subsequently applied the polish and rapidly removed it with a microfiber towel. This provided a marginally adequate coating with some shine. I tried using a buffer to remove the dried polish with poor results if left to dry to a haze. NuFinish car polish applied over the Voodoo polish gave good results.

Howard S
May 26, 2018


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