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Start Pac Green

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Part# 11-19516


Patent Pending

Capable of starting turbine and piston engines multiple times and powering up aircraft, START PAC has developed the new START PAC GREEN, the world’s first 100% battery powered autonomous GPU. Patent pending and state of the art, this GPU is the emission free unit of its kind for operators that need a powerful solution to jump start their fleet of aircraft and perform maintenance on various cockpit aircraft systems, such as inverters, avionics, GPS and other high draw aircraft systems, including on board air conditioning.

Powered 100% by a large 26 volt battery bank capable of starting any kind of electrically started aircraft, the battery capacity will provide enough clean, continuous power to run aircraft systems for hours. When plugged in, the unit can be used as a power supply, providing 28V clean continuous power as long as it is needed. In a stand alone configuration – not plugged into the AC mains – the START PAC GREEN can power up avionics for an extended period of time, even on board air conditioning.

The START PAC GREEN can be used as a fully independent unit in the hangar with no pollution or emissions, unlike diesel units. Not only does it have zero emissions, but it also has half the operating cost compared to its diesel counterparts, even when the cost of future replacement batteries are taken into account. Moreover, electric consumption has an efficiency of approximately 80% while fuel powered vehicles are typically limited to an efficiency of below 20%. The START PAC GREEN can be recharged from the power grid during low demand hours when the lowest rates are applied. The cost of recharging the battery bank is about half the cost of operating an equivalent diesel-powered unit. Also, the cost of diesel powered units are rising in order to meet the new emission standards.

In addition to the main batter bank (also called the service battery bank), a 26 volt portable starting unit model START PAC 2326QC has been included in case the service battery has been run too low to start the engine. This additional starting unit can be used easily by switching the starting unit to the output power cable with a switch on the control panel. If needed, the 2326QC unit can be easily removed and used as a portable starting unit.

If fully depleted, the main service battery can be quickly recharged in approximately 8 hours. The charger is a single phase unit so there is no need to hassle with big and heavy extension cords. The unit is simple and easy to maneuver on the ramp for short distances and yet can be towed for longer distances.
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