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Part# 11-14946
MFR Model# 153010-000029


Take Flight. Take Charge.

Plug in with the most affordable TSO-Certified charging port.

Enjoy the convenience of USB power in your aircraft — delivered by the durable, high-quality engineering that you expect with the Stratus name.

2.5 Amps Per Port
With enough power to charge two full-size iPads while they’re in use, Stratus Power™ can be used with any combination of portable electronic devices.

No Radio Noise
Stratus Power is radio-shielded, so you won’t experience NAV/COM interference like you do with cheap electronics.

Easy To Install
Like all Stratus products from Appareo, Stratus Power was designed for quick and easy installation.


  • Dual USB-A charging ports (2.5 amps each)
  • FAA certified to TSO-C71
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • Cylindrical shape for easy, drill-in panel installation
  • Shielded to prevent any added RF noise in comm radios
  • Two-year product warranty


  • 1.848″ w x 1.848″ h x 1.391″ d - (Depth includes the mating connector)


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The Stratus Power USB charger port was a great upgrade for my 1966 172G and ACS had the best price. Now I can keep my iPad charged up during longer flights unlike the old cigarette lighter plug charger which would not keep up.

Christopher S
January 21, 2021

Very nice fit and finish and super easy to install. I wish it had an internal backlight. Glad to see the price has come down to a somewhat reasonable level.

Christopher S
November 2, 2020

I ordered 2 of those in the recent buy one - get one free promotion and had them installed int he cockpit. They work great. Ordered this additional one for the passenger area in the back.

Florian A
February 24, 2020

Great product, easy install, works awesome for charging iPad and other devices.

Jeff L
December 26, 2019

Excellent as usual

Cavok A
December 16, 2019

I give the product a 5 star for the quality. It charges my iPhone and Scout no problem. The unit has a nice all aluminum case and front plate. The plug is a little flimsy but serves the purpose. I wish the unit would be a tiny little bit smaller so it would fit in a 2 1/2 instrument hole. It actually does fit but the the screws are touching the corners of the case and I had to come up with a tricky plate to make fit nicely. I wish they would sell it with a front plate that would fit right into a 2 1/2 hole. I second the previous comment. I would have never bought it for regular price. With that BOGO deal it was acceptable for me and I split it with a friend. Its still a lot of money for a USB charger but I understand what it takes to make airworthy.

Dirk S
April 7, 2018

While this is certainly the cats meow, if it wasnt BOGO, I wouldnt have purchased it. However, it is certainly top of the line quality.

Pro A
February 6, 2018

After installing this unit we ran a test with the master on and foreflight running. My iPad still charged. Cannot wait to see how it does during a long flight with the engine running and various apps running. Unit comes with the face plate which provides a finished look.

December 7, 2017

I like the unit but it is too big corner-to-corner to fit into a 2.25 instrument hole. The corners interfere with the screws. I made an adapter plate that holds the unit at 45 degrees. I thought it might look wrong like that but after having it in the panel like that for a while now, it doesnt bother me. At the 45 degree insertion it fits fine in that size instrument hole.

November 5, 2020

I did not realize that it is an odd size and that no adapter is available to fit a 2 1/4 hole. Returned it and ordered the Garmin which does have an available adapter.

Jim M
March 21, 2020


Q: Do the ports on the Appareo Stratus Power USB light up to see at night?

No. This is not lighted.

Q: What size hole does the Appareo Stratus Power USB port fit into?

We have added the Installation Manual PDF to the Documents tab of the web page, please download and review it there. The drawing is included within the Install Manual.

Q: Does this Appareo Stratus USB charging port cause RF noise in aviation COM radios?

No, it is shielded to prevent any added RF noise in comms.

Q: Is this Appareo Stratus Power USB Charging Port a 2.1 amp or 2.5 amp charger? It is advertised as 2.5 but the installation manual lists both 2.1 and 2.5. What is the standard output per USB port?

This is a 2.5 amp charger, Per Appareo, the 2.1 amp reference in the manual was an error.

Q: Is the Appareo Stratus Power USB able to be mounted in the cabin or only in the panel?

This device is intended for the panel, and needs a metal panel thickness of .040" to .125" for installation.

Q: Does the Appareo Stratus USB charging port draw any current from the battery when the battery and aircraft are shutdown? In other words, would it drain the battery after a period of time?

There is some residual current draw, <25 mA for a 14V or 28V system, without anything plugged. The recommended installation, however, would have this wired with your master avionics switch, which will shut down all current draw from this unit when the switch is off.

Q: Do you have any STC information for the Appareo Stratus Power USB Charging Port for install on a Bell 407?

This item is FAA TSO approved, not STC approved. It does not have a specific aircraft installation list. Please contact your A&P for details on legality of installation into your aircraft.

Q: Will the Appareo Stratus USB fit in the opening of a cigarette lighter plug hole in the panel?

The dimensions are: 1.848 W x 1.848 H x 1.391 D (depth includes mating connector). Looks like 1.25" circumference and the faceplate is 1.60". Please see the Spec Sheet in the Documents section for more details on install size.

Q: Is there an FAA Form 8130-3 available for this Appareo Stratus Power product?

This product is FAA TSO approved. It does not come with an 8130 form. If an 8130 form is required, it will need to be requested at the time of checkout. Additional charges will apply.

Q: By any chance do you sell the connector for Appareo USB separately?

We do not stock and sell the connector separately, however we can contact the manufacturer for a special order. Please contact our sales department at 877-477-7823 for price and lead time.

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