TCW Safety-Trim Single Axis Servo Controller

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Part# 11-08506
MFR Model# ST-1-12V


Safety-Trim is an electronic speed control system for standard electric trim servos found on many homebuilt aircraft. It replaces other speed controllers and relay modules with an electronic solution that resolves issues such as run-away trim and failure to operate conditions.

Safety-Trim greatly simplifies trim switch wiring, especially when installing pilot and co-pilot switches. Safety-Trim is available with 2 Speed operation, allowing automatic high and low speed trim actuation.

Download the Installation Guide (PDF)


  • Electronic servo controller with speed control run-away protection
  • Time limited operation prevents trim servo run-away conditions
  • Servo travel limited to 3 seconds per trim switch actuation
  • Reverse function switch allows pilot to recover from a stuck or failed trim switch
  • Eliminates many other components, no extra relay decks or speed controllers needed
  • Very simple wiring, no extra parts needed for pilot and co-pilot trim switches
  • Designed for standard electric trim servos, such as the Ray Allen T2 & T3 series
  • Short circuit proof, reverse polarity protected
  • 1 axis, 2 axis models available
  • User adjustable, 1 speed and 2 speed models available
  • For Experimental aircraft only NOT TSO'd
  • Made in USA -- patented


  • Input voltage: 10-30 volts DC
  • Output voltage: User adjustable 6-12 volts DC 1 amp maximum
  • Inputs: Trim switch inputs, closure to ground pilot/co-pilot switches wired in parallel 2 speed switch, closure to ground
  • output: Trim limited, controlled DC voltage to servo Time limit factory set to 3 seconds
  • Wiring: Standard 15-pin D-sub connector (male on controller) pre-made wiring harness with ON/OFF/Reverse switch available
  • Enclosure: Overall dimensions 5.7" x 2.5" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 6oz.
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