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Part# 08-07394
MFR Model# AFC-CH1


The new Airwolf Oil Chiller is 20 aircraft quality aluminum fins that are precisely bent to mold around the outside of any standard oil filter.

These fins total a whopping 600 sq/in of cooling area to suck the heat from your oil filter, thereby cooling your engine oil. The fins are gold anodized and quickly secured to the oil filter with two hose clamps. Easy on..easy off. Everything you need is in the kit. Lower your oil temperatures today with our “Poor Mans” oil cooler.

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10 deg drop on my Cessna 150 which is huge here in Arizona where i usually run at red line in the summer. Gained another 10 deg drop by routing the cooling air tube from my alternator to blow on the filter.

Ron A
June 5, 2017

How about some data? Has any flown with this and noted what the temperature delta's were?

Carey M
December 3, 2013

I couldnt get all fins installed because of my mounting location. I saw slightly lower oil temps with it on. I think it is a little over priced but it works.

Paul I
May 19, 2017

Air flow must be in line with fins. The filter mount on the my C85 is across the fins. Did not help. Easy to install though.

Mike G
July 11, 2019

When rigged with a 1 dia. blast tube, this was worth between 5 and 10 degrees (closer to 10) in oil temperature reduction between northern CA and Oshkosh this year for an O-200 in a Cessna 140. Also, the oil temperature increased/decreased noticeably slower/faster on climbs/descents. Its a very easy installation, and on that basis is worth it, but dont expect miracles.

Tom H
August 2, 2018

This oil Chiller works well if well cooled. If your oil filter is mounted in an area where there is no air flow it will not work. It must be mounted where air can cross the chiller fins. In my application it netted 10 degrees and 5 psi in oil pressure. Thanks, MattJ

Matt J
June 14, 2018

You will find very little hard data on this product anywhere on the internet only anecdotal observations. I decided to take a chance as my Cessna 150 is Phoenix based and red line oil temps are an always present problem on climb out in the summer. I found no reduction in oil temps with this product even using thermal paste to help to transfer the heat to the fins. The O-200/C150 oil filter installation design does not receive any direct cooling air flow so the fins only have static air to work with which limits the ability of this product to work effectively if at all. See my YouTube documented testing for more information.

Timothy T
May 12, 2018

Added this to the filter and it did not reduce temps significantly. Filter was already remotely mounted with some airflow around it. Engine is a 6 cyl geared continental.

Douglas P
August 16, 2014


Q: What size filter is the Airwolf Oil Chiller designed for?

Per the supplier: The Chiller has 20 individual fins. You can use as few or as many as you want. The 108's and 109's is what its most popular on. But it can also be used on the large Fram filters for the radials.

Q: Is an STC required for installation on certified aircraft?

The STC is not required for installation.

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