Hartzell Engine Technologies Brush Holder Assembly Alu-3045Bs

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Part# 08-13833
MFR Model# ALU-3045BS


Hartzell has designed a new two piece brush holder which is superior in construction and designed to ease both installation and removal during routine maintenance. These new brush holders are offered as a product improvement and are considered an alternate but will supersede the current brush holder assembly as field stock is depleted.

Recommended Alternators: Any aircraft utilizing ALE, ALH, ALT, ALU, ALX, ALY and ALZ series alternators.
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Fast shipping, well packed and a perfect part.

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December 1, 2021

Worked perfect in my 8GCBC with the ALY-8520 alternator. Was having intermittent alternator cut-outs and it was intermittent brushes. Takes about 5 minutes to remove and replace, I did not have to remove alternator from the airplane. Also the part is a major upgrade over the stock brush assembly.

Asa D
April 4, 2020

Used this part to repair my ALY-8520 for my Mooney J. Dropped right in and was a perfect fit. Took more time to get it out of the box than to install.

John F
June 15, 2018


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Q: What is the brush set part number that is used with this holder assembly ALU-3045BS?

The individual brush set for the ALU-3045BS is part number ALE-13A. Please note part number ALE-13A is not available as a standalone item.

Q: What is the part no of screw which is install on brush assembley. ( yellow screw ml)

Per the vendor, there is not a yellow screw on this assembly.

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