Rapco MS9144-01 Propeller Governor Gasket

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Part# 07-00878
MFR Model# MS9144-01


Propeller Governor Gasket.
Replaces: B-1104, B-20024, 209217, 57354, MS100009, 531083, AA9144, AMS7283
Application: Piston engine prop governors
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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South M Verified Purchase


September 30, 2023

My Hartzell propeller governor uses the same gasket, MS9144-01. This gasket Must be installed in a specific way, with the metal screen bulge toward the rear of the airplane. The bulging screen fits into the machined slot in the governors base. There is No slot on the engine, only solid metal surface of the adapter face. So the gasket will Deform if installed backwards and it Will Leak. Before installing your governor place gasket MS 9144-01 against your governor and see how the screen bulge nests into the machined slot and the paper gasket lies flat against the base of the governor and the bulge disappears. Now mark the gasket with an X and install the X side against the engine and you cant see the X anymore. One caution, do not use any gasket cement at all on this gasket! It is hard enough to remove a governor without it being glued to the engine.

David P
May 16, 2021

Right part, close by, quick arrival.

Caracole S Verified Purchase


September 22, 2021

When I replaced my governor I used this gasket it started leaking from the first start. So I took the governor off and replaced it with another gasket same part number, it also leaked. So I took it all back down and used a LW gasket,$1.24 part and the leaking stopped.. Looking at the flange with the rubberized gasket in place it looks smaller around the edges. It also appears that the screen sandwiched and then rubberized is not exactly smooth creating a leak. This looks as like it was a bad batch of gaskets.

George K
September 23, 2020


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