AOA Sport System Composite Wing With A & B Kit

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Part# 11-11813
MFR Model# 20521


Our AOA instruments help do all these things and more. The AOA Sport is lightweight and easy to install. There are no ugly probes to slow you down or collect ice and no moving parts to break. This true full range AOA with verbal warnings is affordable too.

Today's popular sport aircraft fly faster, higher, further, and with larger payloads. As a result, the stall speed, the approach speed, and other performance speeds can no longer be assumed to be constant. They actually never were. AOA provides pilots with a full range angle of attack indication on a color display and warns of high angles of attack visually and with a verbal message "Angle Angle Push".

Optimum approach to landing speeds vary with weight, bank angle, CG and even relative humidity. With the AOA instrument, we can now do precision approaches just like Navy aircraft carrier and airline pilots eliminating the requirement to compute performance speeds. AOA indication tells you where the airspeed is going to be, unlike the airspeed indicator that tells you where it was. Your aircraft stalls at the same AOA regardless of weight, temperature, altitude, or center of gravity and bank angle. Your stall indicated airspeed varies significantly with all the above. For any given airfoil, other performance parameters such as best lift to drag, best glide, maximum endurance and maximum maneuvering performance also occur at known AOAs.

The AOA Sport features a small three color LED display. And Includes Aural Warning systems that will help you fly more precisely and safely. Features digital processing at a cost that is comparable or less than the simple stall switch tab seen on many production aircraft.

The AOA Sport will fit anywhere! You can mount it between instruments vertically; or below or on top of the glare shield horizontally. One year limited warranty beginning when you first fly AOA.



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