Radiant Fuel Gauge For Resistive Or Float Based Fuel Senders

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Part# 10-06068
MFR Model# RFGA-022R


RADIANT Dual or Single Fuel Gauge for Resistive or Float based senders.
Compatible with Automotive Resistance Fuel Senders.

RADIANT instrument line combines many functions into simple, small, lightweight units. The instruments utilize sunlight readable full color high contrast LCD screens which are also friendly with sunglasses. Most of these units feature a Belite crafted feature: persistence. This features displays the last history of the information. For example, the last 30 minutes of fuel level information is shown graphically along with the current fuel level. This provides the pilot with the ability to look at information on the display screens and make better informed decisions, as opposed to the lack of history provided by traditional steam gauges.

The RADIANT Single or Dual Tank Fuel Gauge shows current contents of one or two tanks and the system voltage. Time to Empty is automatically calibrated. Shows fuel consumption trend from two tanks over the last 15 minutes.

The picture shows a full left tank and a right tank that has steadily been draining over the last 6 minutes. Voltage is 17.4 volts. Time to Empty is 53 minutes.

Direct sunlight readable (this display is *bright*.) Display is friendly with sunglasses, even polarized sunglasses.

* Single or dual fuel tank display, featuring a visual history of the last 15 minutes of fuel level in each tank.

All instruments are designed for a standard 2.25” cutout, and use approximately 100milliamps of power from a supply of 8 to 14 volts. All instruments are dimmable. Dimmer included.


  • Calculates time to empty for each tank
  • User selects appropriate tank labeling
  • Works with automotive fuel senders or aircraft fuel senders
  • Brilliant daylight readable LCD display
  • Provides current fuel level in bar height form and percentage form
  • Shows 15 minute history of fuel level, so the pilot can see the trend instantly
  • Supports one or two tanks
  • Display is “sunglasses friendly” -- bright; readable with polarized glasses
  • Works with resistive probes
  • Settable for high and low fuel level on either tank, to exactly match sensors & probes
  • Also provides continuous system voltage display
  • Works between -20C and +60C
  • Weighs 1.6 ounces (50 grams)


  • Requires 10 to 32 volts @ 135ma @ full screen brightness. When screen is dim, power consumption of unit is approximately 35ma.
  • Screen is non-polarized color LCD display TFT Active Matrix with resolution of 240 x 320 pixels across a 2.4” display. Some corner and side areas of the display are not visible due to enclosure requirements.
  • Unit operating temperature between -20 and +60C, including LCD screen.
  • Accuracy of the unit is 1% or better. This means that an input of 0 volts will provide an indication of 0%, assuming correct calibration and programming. This also means that an input of 4.0 volts (80% for a standard capacitive probe of 5V range) will provide an indication of 3.96 to 4.04 volts, or 79 to 81% displayed.
  • Unit dimensions are 2.35” square with a thickness of 0.75”, not including connector height.
  • Screen display mode is transmissive, normally deep black. This means that in the absence of backlighting, you will not be able to read the screen.
  • Screen contrast ratio is minimum of 640.
  • Screen luminance is minimum of 450 cd/M2 at full brightness.
  • Screen viewing angle is up to 80 degrees.
  • Two tactile switch inputs are provided for programming and mode changes.
  • Fuel level information is provided for two tanks. Single tank mode may also be selected.



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Q: Is this Belite fuel gauge FAA STC approved for use as primary?

No, this unit does not have any FAA Approval. It is designed for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: Will this unit work with the factory sending units for a Nanchang CJ6a?

We do not have any reference to the factory senders on a Nanchang.

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