Pe-211-2000 Clock Voltage Adaptor

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Part# 10-02827
MFR Model# PE-211-2000


The PE-211-2000 voltage adaptor is designed for use with the D1-312-5036 clock to allow the clock to operate on a 24/28 volt system. A simple ballast resistor must not be used as a substitute for the PE-211-2000. Do NOT attempt to operate the clock directly from the 28 volt bus as this will destroy the mechanism.

The adaptor is supplied with 1/4 inch connectors on the 12 volt side that connect to the clock. The red wire connects to the positive terminal (insulated) on the rear fo the clock. The black wire connects to the negative (case) terminal of the clock. The long red and black wires connect to the power bus of the 24/28 volt system with the red being positive and the black being ground. The total current draw at 28 volts and the clock running is approximately 0.023 amps.

The lamp for lighting must also be replaced with a 28 volt lamp, Mitchell part number PE-211-4130 which is supplied with the voltage adaptor. The old bulb is removed by pulling firmly on the lamp housing from the rear of the clock. It is a snug friction fit. The bulb may then be replaced in the socket and the socket re-inserted into the clock housing. Secure all wires to complete the installation.

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