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US-8A-4 4-cylinder engines without a Primary CHT gauge already installed. Includes 4 EGT probes, 4 CHT probes and 8 ea 6-ft harnesses 10-00595 $1195.00
US-8A-4G 4-cylinder pkg for a/c w/ Primary CHT gauge already installed. Includes 4 EGT probes, 3 CHT probes, 1 P-102 gasket type CHT probe and 8 ea 6-ft harnesses 10-03283 $1199.00
US-8A-6 6-cylinder pkg for a/c without Primary CHT guage already installed. Includes 6 EGT probes, 6 CHT probes & 12 ea 6-ft harnesses 10-00596 $1435.00
US-8A-6G 6-cylinder pkg for a/c with a Primary CHT gauge already installed. Includes 6 EGT probes, 5 CHT probes, 1 P-102 gasket type CHT probe and 12 ea 6-ft harnesses 10-03284 $1499.00
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Simultaneously displays EGT and CHT for Singles. (For Twins, call for model designation. May require two US-8As, depending on your requirements). Automatic Diagnostic Assist helps diagnose engine problems such as fouled plugs, burned valves, intake leaks, low compression, etc.

Impressive Features Include:
    Auto Scan up to 16 temperature channels

    Re-programmable Temp Limits From the Front Panel
    (unavailable on competition’s gauges in this category)

    Auto Detection of hottest EGT and hottest CHT + pilot-programmed Over - Temp and Under-Temp limits

    Programmable Scan Rate for each channel displayed
    (rather than competition making that decision for you)
One° | STEADY Resolution | 6lbs. | Standard 2-1/4" hole (or use an EI adapter plate for 3-1/8" holes)

    Probes can be substituted / consult your sales rep prior to order
    Unit is STC'd/PMA'd. Can only be used for secondary EGT/CHT only. For primary see MVP-50
E.I. products include all documentation and certifications
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I bought this as a Christmas/Birthday present for my boyfriend. He has bought other EI gauges in the past and is quite happy with them. We both like the look of the gauges and their display layout. This engine analyzer will be going in his PA 22 floatplane this Spring. Looking forward to seeing what numbers the gauge shows us for helping us diagnose a potential issue.

April G
January 7, 2018


Q: Can the EI US-8A be used with the Jabiru 3300 or 2200 engine?

Yes it can as it will use a clamp type EGT and 12mm CHT probes. You must put in the special instruction notes that it is for a Jabiru 3300 or 2200 or you will get the wrong probes.

Q: The description says, Can only be used for secondary EGT/CHT only. Does that mean I can't remove the factory EGT gauge if I use this engine analyzer? That's the hole I was planning to use.

That is correct. For certified aircraft, the Electronics International US-8A can only be used as a secondary gauge. If you would like to remove your original engine analyzer, you would need to replace it with a certified primary analyzer such as the EI MVP-50.

Q: In regarding primary and secondary gauges, my original EGT gauge is unserviceable, do I have to replace that gauge before I can install and use the EI US-8A or do I just have to leave the dead gauge in place and use the new gauge? Thanks. N.

Your primary EGT gauge is always required. The US-8A can only be installed as a secondary EGT. You can install and use the US-8A but it does not replace your primary EGT gauge.

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