Falcon Airspeed Indicator 0-80 mph

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Part# 10-02905
MFR Model# ASI080M-3


Falcon airspeed indicators have been one of the most chosen flight instruments by kit plane builders and pilots. There are many great advantages: excellent slow speed characteristics; very progressive increments; variety of ranges; light weight; short length; affordable price; and reliability. All airspeed indicators are housed in an aluminum case and all parts are made with metal.

Model: ASI080M-3
Range: 0-80 mph
Size: 3 1/8"
Length: 3.5in/97.3mm
Weight: 10.2oz/290g

Note: Range markings not included.
If needed, order P/N 10-03905.

Made in China
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Online service was great. Pricing seems pretty steep. The ASI itself seems pretty nice. I really cant give an honest review because I wont have the aircraft in the air until this coming summer. I am disappointed that an instrument this pricey is made in China.

George H
March 5, 2017

Failed from day 1 and manufacturer refused to warranty. They claimed improper handling/usage. Im an experienced kit builder, +10yr A&P, experience across the industry. It was handled properly and failed. Spend a little more and get quality.

Nic M
June 15, 2022

I had ordered one about 14 months ago and installed it in my ultralight. The airspeed indicator worked fine and I was very pleased until it quit 14 months later, shortly after the 1 year warranty. I called the company described the issue and they said it was a blown diaphragm. They stated even if it would have been under a year it a blown diaphragm would not be covered under warranty anyways. They said I must have had a bug in the pitot tube. I checked that out and tube was clean. Ive heard other people have had good luck with them. Perhaps I got a defective one???

Scott L
September 9, 2019


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Q: Can you tell me which pitot tube I will need with the Falcon ASI #10-02905? I'm going to be mounting it in the fiberglass ultralight pod and just need the simple one that sticks out the front.

The Falcon ASI Airspeed Indicators fit a wide range of heated and non-heated pitot tubes. For part number 10-02905, you just have to make sure you use a 1/8 in pipe fitting.

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