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The Gretz Aero Pitot Tube Mounting Bracket Kit is designed to be installed on all of the very popular Van's RV aircraft series, but it can also be installed easily on other metal wing aircraft,. as well as composite, and tube and fabric aircraft with very minor modifications to the kit parts. Once installed, this Pitot mounting bracket system is very easy to remove and to re-install. The mount brackets comes with in a paintable finish.

These Pitot Tube Mounting Bracket Kits include the following:
Mounting Bracket
Laser cut Backing Plate
Laser cut Washer Plate
All mounting screws, nutplates and rivets
Complete installation instructions with photos

Paintable Finish Pitot Tube Mounting Bracket Kit for GA-1000, & GA-500, also, AN5812, PH502-12CR, Dynon, and Fly More, use (PN 10-01820)

Paintable Finish Non-Drilled Pitot Tube Mounting Bracket Kit for Falcon, use (PN 10-01188)

Please Note: Pitot tubes are Not included in Kits or Kit prices!


Exactly what I was looking for.

Frank P Verified Purchase


May 29, 2021

Works great to mount a Garmin GAP-26. Order the one with pre-drilled holes. It is worth the extra cost. You may have to slightly change the mounting plate to fit your install. But no big deal for the average builder.

John D
April 3, 2020

I thought undrilled meant that the base was undrilled. Now I see it’s the screws that hold the pitot are undrilled. Would have ordered otherwise if knowing that.

Ron J
March 8, 2020

Simple and Rock Solid install, with a Garmin GAP 26. I would do it again....

December 24, 2018

Delivered as expeditiously as expected. It is still a few weeks until it is installed and 8 months until it is flown.

Steve W
August 17, 2017

Well made, but I did have to polish down the inside of the mast as it had burrs that hung the wiring of the Dynon Pitot when it was inserted. No harm, but could have been bad.

November 25, 2019

A Garmin GAP-26 fits well, but beware dissimilar metal corrosion - the GAP 26 is aluminum, and this pitot mast is steel. My pitot mast was painted inside with two-part etch primer, and my GAP 26 was corroded to the point of needing replacement after less than two years in a hangar, and 300 flight hours. The fit is too tight for two-part epoxy primer inside the mast. Buy a stainless steel or aluminum pitot mast.

Daniel L
February 14, 2021


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Q: Will the Gretz Aero chrome pitot tube work on a Vans RV7a? I would prefer that as Im polishing the airplane.

The Gretz bracket is designed for Vans aircraft. The bracket is not chromed. It is an unpolished metal ready for paint.

Q: Is this bracket suitable for use with Garmin GAP26 Pitot/AOA probe? The install manual suggests using a bracket compatible with AN5812.

Yes, the Gretz bracket is recommended for the GAP 26.

Q: How far below the wing will this bracket place the pitot tube? The Dynon AOA pitot tube installation guide specifies that the tube must be at least 6 below the wing.

Per the manufacturer: From the bottom of the wing it is 3.75 to the mounting holes for the Pitot. Most Pitots will have a shank that extends down to the center of the entrance to the incoming airstream. This shank measurement may vary with the manufacture of the Pitot tube. Measure the distance of the mounting holes of the Pitot, to the center of the incoming airstream, add 3.75 and you will know how far the Pitot will be below the wing.

Q: What material is the Gretz PBK-12 Drilled pitot tube made of?

This is 4130 Chromoly Steel.

Q: Will this Gretz Aero PBK-12 work for the Dynon heated pitot/AOA?

Yes, the PBK-12 will work with the Dynon heated pitot/AOA.

Q: Is the pre-drilled version compatible with the GAP-26?

Yes, both the drilled and undrilled version will work with the GAP 26.

Q: What is the size and position of the bracket mounting holes?

The washer plate has a length of 2.5 inches from center to center. and the width is 1.37 inches from center to center. The plate has holes for a #8 screw. We recommend purchasing the part to make sure you measure correctly on your aircraft.

Q: How much does the Gretz Aero Pitot Tube bracket kit weigh?

Approx 0.50 lbs.

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