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Functions included on EDM-740:

All in One Engine Instrumentation that works. Start saving fuel today with JPI's exclusive Over lean (LOP) feature. All functions also show up in large digital display. Same as the EDM-830 plus now with Fuel Level and Fuel Pressure. User selectable landscape or portrait mode.

For experimental aircraft only.


RPM Propeller
MAP Manifold Pressure
% HP Percent of Horse Power
EGT Exhaust Gas Temp.
CHT Cylinder Head Temp
O-T Oil Temperature
O-P Oil Pressure
OAT Outside Air Temp.
VDC Voltage
GPH Gallons per Hour
REQ Required to destination
USD Fuel used
H:M Endurance
MPG Miles per Gal
CLD Shock Cooling on all cylinders
DIFF Gami spread
USB Memory stick Data Recording
EZTrends Graphing program
Optional functions:
TIT Turbine Inlets Temp.
F-P Fuel Pressure
CDT Compressor Discharge.
AMP Current amps
CRB Carburetor Temp
L-Tank Fuel Quantity, level
R-Tank Fuel Quantity, level
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Excellent system. Have been using it for 4 years now and it's the only way to go if you are looking at running LOP. Ideal with GAMI Injectors to improve fuel consumption. I regularly get around 28 l/h (7.4 gals/hr)on an IO360.

May 25, 2014


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Q: On the JPI EDM 740, what are the dimensions? Can I get a longer harness? Can this unit be installed horizontal or vertical?

The JPI is 3.18W x 4.23H x 2.75D. This fits in a 3-1/8" hole. You can order a longer harness past the 6 foot harness just call or write in the special instructions on how many feet you need. Yes you can mount so that the screen is in a portrait or landscape position.

Q: What functions and probes come with the JPI EDM 740 4C p/n 10-05188

The JPI EDM 740 4C (10-05188) comes with 4 CHT and 4 EGT probes. For included features please refer to the functions tab for this part. Fuel flow and additional transducers must be ordered separately.

Q: It is possible to connect the JPI EDM 740 or 830 to the new Garmin GTN650 / 750?

Yes, the GTN series can be connected to the EDM series via RS-232 connection.

Q: Can the JPI EDM 740C system be set up to show fuel quantity in more than 2 tanks? (I have 3 tanks)

No, the JPI EDM 740 can only monitor 2 tanks.

Q: For the EDM 740 6C, which functions are included? I expect to have RPM, MAP, Fuel Flow, Fuel press, oil press, oil temp, EGT, CHT


  • 6 EGT
  • 6 CHT
  • Volts
  • Shock cooling
  • Fuel Flow
  • RPM
  • MAP
  • Oil Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • OAT
  • %HP (Reqs OAT, RPM, MAP, & FF )
  • Power connector
  • All required Harness
  • EZTrends
  • USB built in Data recording-100 hrs.
  • 256MB memory stick
  • User Selectable Positions for Linear gauges

Q: Does this JPI EDM 740 have the ability to data log?

Yes, per the manual this can record data.

Q: Is fuel flow sensor included?? One question you answered and said it must be ordered separately then in another answer you said it was included. Also, is the oil temperature sensor included? It shows it is included in the functions and not in the option functions but you have it listed in the option pricing.

Yes, fuel flow sensor is included. Yes, oil temperature is included as well.

Q: Can this be a drop-in replacement for the EDM-700?

This unit will come with all the probes and wiring. If you want a plug compatible unit, we recommend 10-03864 which is the display only and you keep your current EDM 700 probes. Please be aware that the back of this gauge is 3-1/8" sizing. Also notice this is NON TSO and can only be installed in experimental aircraft.

Q: EDM 740 probe delivery - could you be list precise, what kind of sensors are delivered with the EDM 740 unit and which standard functions require add sensors and are not delivered with the standard package?

Per the manufacturer you will receive 4 and 6 cyl EGT/CHT along with %HP, FF, OAT, MAP, RPM, Oil Temp, & Oil Pressure functions along with the probes and necessary wiring. Any other function will need to be purchased.

Q: Does the EDM 740 track and display engine hours for total time?

Yes, it tracks Engine Hours. it displays as HOBBS time if RPM not enabled.

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