Why I Built A Super Seawind Aircraft Story

Why Did I Build A Super Seawind?
When I chose a Seawind Kit in early 2000, I thought Id have a beautiful Lycoming-powered airplane in 3 years. Little did I know how much the world and I would change!

Like many builders, Id lay awake at night and ask myself how I could make this airplane safer and better. Fast forward to February 2012, open the hangar door, and what do I see? The first Seawind to be granted an airworthiness certificate that sports a PT6-20A. In addition, it was the first to get a G-900, the Garmin flat panel equivalent to the G-1000! Topping that is a 5-blade MT propeller that will provide mind-blowing STOL performance on land and in water!

Now that I have the worlds fastest propeller amphibian, I plan to take my wife, and occasionally family, to Americas most beautiful natural landscapes and photograph them with my onboard cameras for school children to see in schools across the USA. I went to bed long ago with one airplane idea and I awoke seeing another. Its like waking up to my wife 12 years later and discovering shes more beautiful than ever! Am I still dreaming?

Steve Wightman, Lexington, MA