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The Robin
I wanted to send along some pictures of my project the Robin. You have been the supplier for 95% of my material. I am using carbon pultruded sections that I can only purchase from the original vendor in the lengths I require.

On more than one occasion in my blog,, I have mentioned that between Aircraft Spruce and UPS I am working with the two most efficient businesses I have ever dealt with. On more than one occasion an order placed on Monday morning has arrived at my shop by the close of Business on Thursday. That is excellent service!!!

I am the designer of the Wren Ultralight that was in production in Wichita, Kansas back in the early 80ís. I started on the Design of the Robin 5 years ago and officially started construction 2 years ago. I use the Aircraft spruce manual as my parts source. Generally if it cannot be found in your catalog, I will redesign. Most of the structure is designed to be built from plans. I have always assumed I would ask you to handle the materials kits. I am in the process of finishing the covering and I anticipate I will be ready for first flight next month.

Thank You,

Mark Calder
Advanced R&D Engineer
Structures Engineering

Triumph Aerostructures
Vought Aircraft Division