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WHISPER MOTOR GLIDER from Aircraft Spruce
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The Whisper was designed for the homebuilder. Every component has been optimized to ease the task of the homebuilder, yet the final result is a highly efficient and extremely strong airframe that will provide for many years of trouble free operation.

The aircraft can be built from a "basic package" or from a "fast build package" depending on how many hours the builder wishes to spend on the project. Components not supplied in these packages can be manufactured by the builder or ordered from the factory. All hardware is ordered directly from us by the builder.

The Whisper can be built with a wingspan of 16m (52.5') or 12m (39.4') to suit individual requirements. With the longer wing the aircraft has a glide ratio of 28:1 and a minimum sink rate of 200fpm which makes it a very capable glider. The 21USG fuel tank and the 115MPG cruise speed also make the aircraft capable of very long powered flights. The 4'2" wide cabin allows for very comfortable side by side seating. The aircraft can be built with conventional or nose wheel undercarriage.

The aircraft structure is fiberglass and the wing has been tested to an ultimate load of 10.6g. Engine options are VW2100, Jabiru 2200/3300, Rotax 912/S

  • Kit Price w/o Engine: ~$65,550
  • Plans Price: ~$1,316
  • Number of Seats: 1
  • Building Materials: N/A
  • Building Time: ~1000 HRS
  • Standard Engine: LIMBACH L2000
  • Prop: Hoffman 3 position or fixed pitch wooden.
    (Prop and Engine Manufactures to confirm compatibility)
  • Horsepower: N/A
  • Wing Span: 16 M
  • Wing Area: 15 M
  • Empty Weight: 500 KG
  • Gross Weight: 775 KG
  • Takeoff Distance: 180 M
  • Landing Distance: N/A
  • Climb Rate: 3.6 M/S (700Ft./Min.)
  • VNE: 250KM/H
  • Stall Speed: 72 KM/H
  • Cruise Speed: 180 KM/H
  • Cruise Fuel Consumption: 12 LT./HR.
  • Top Speed: 250 KM/H
  • Fuel Capacity: 85 LT
  • Range: 1200 KM
  • Min Sink Speed: 0.9 M/S at 80 KM/H
  • Aspect Ratio: 16
  • Glide Ratio: 1:28 at 105 KM/H

  • Contacts:
    Further details can be obtained from the website: or by emailing
    The website has a forum where builders post details of their projects and exchange information.

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