Husky Tailspring

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Part# 06-01364
MFR Model# ABI-76082-00


The Husky Tailspring is now available. The 3-leaf tailspring, mounting bracket & hardware is all included. This is a direct replacement for all of Sky International (Aviat Husky) tailsprings and eligible on all Husky aircraft, the A1, A1-A, A1-B and the new A1-C.

Why do you need a new tailspring for your Husky?
When a tailspring is 'sprung' or weak and/or of poor design that it puts the camber angle of the tailwheel into a negative position, therefore causing the tailwheel to shimmy, be hard to steer and increases the wear on everything.



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Q: What is the actual width of the spring leafs?

1-7/8 inches.

Q: What is the length of the spring leafs?

The small spring leaf is approx 12 inches long. Longer spring leafs are 14 inches.

Q: What size diameter is the bolt hole for each side?

The front attach bolt is an AN6-23, the rear spring attach bolts (on bracket) are AN4-16A's, and the tailwheel attach bolt is an AN7-21.

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