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Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. has acquired the design rights to the popular Christavia MK1, Christavia MK2, and Christavia MK4 homebuilt aircraft from the designer, Ron Mason of Elmwood Aviation in Canada.

Designed in 1982 as a mission field workhorse. The design requirements were short take-off and landing, small engine (low fuel consumption), low stall speed, good cruise speed and rate of climb, large cabin area, low maintenance and high safety factor.

The Christavia is easy to fly, and the large cabin makes long flights more comfortable.

Over 1000 sets of the plans have been sold for the MK1 (two place tandem), MK2 (two place side-by-side), and MK4 (four place). Aircraft Spruce has these plans available as well as information packs with complete material packages for construction.

Christavia MK-1
(Two Place Tandem)

Christavia MK-2
(Two Place Side by Side)
To complete the MK-2 you will need to combine the MK-1 kit with the MK-2 Suppliment and the MK-2 Plans

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Number of Seats: 2 (MK-1 Tandem) OR (MK-2 Side by Side)
  • Building Materials: N/A
  • Building Time: ~2000 Hours
  • Standard Engine: Continental A65
  • Horsepower: 65-100
  • Wing Span: 32.6'
  • Wing Area: 146.25 sq ft
  • Empty Weight: 750 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 1500 lbs
  • Takeoff Distance: 300'
  • Landing Distance: 550'
  • Cruise Speed: 105 mph
  • Top Speed: 135 mph
  • Fuel Capacity: 16 Gallons
  • Range: 300 miles

Licensing Agreement

Information Packet & Agreement


I bought a 2003 MK1 built by a old craftsman in Cody,WY abought a year ago. I have about 145 hours on it and he flew it only about 300. It is power by a 0-200 cont. I flys awesome. Easy to fly and maintain. We live at 5500 ft. and regularly fly between 5500 and 10000 feet. On warm days our density alt is usually between 6500 and 9000 feet. The plane has no bad habits and a good useful load.Completed my dry weight is 775#. I was sceptical to buy it but when I saw Spruces supporting sales and parts I didnt hesitate. I own other air craft foe traveling distances but by far is the funnest to just fly in the evening or the $100 hamburgar. Very roomy cabin front and rear.Great visibility. Its a keeper. The builder said it was as clean a kit he had ever built.

Randall E
April 26, 2016

I received the info I was looking for Thanks

Stewart B
March 5, 2021

I just bought a christivia with 150 horse on amphibious floats I have a lot of time in taildraggers and Float planes but not amphibious any comments would be appreciated I dont want to wreck this thing

Chuck S
April 29, 2016


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Q: Is PN 01-00692 the EXACT same thing as PN 01-00663 plus PN 01-00664?

Yes, part # 01-00692 consists of 01-00663 and 01-00664.

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