Part# 06-00363
MFR Model# G6522 2 PLY
DescriptionNom SizeWidth (In.)Dia (In.)PN
-400 X 64.113.006-00363


  • Part No. 06-00361: Load Carrying Capacity is 440 Lbs
  • Part No. 06-00362: TIRE 11-400x5 4 PLY
  • Part No. 06-00363: TIRE 400 x 6 (TUBELESS), Load capacity 390 lbs, 30 PSI
  • Part No. 06-00365: AZUSA TIRE 15-600x6 4PLY
  • Part No. AZUSA TIRE 800x6 4 PLY ( 6"W 16.3"DIA TIRE REQUIRES A TUBE )
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Great Tire for a good price I just wish they wouldnt have vacuum sealed them like they did wash them real bad made him hard to get on but once they were on their beautiful

Brian S
October 9, 2020

Good quality but to wide

Denis N
September 28, 2019

Looks like a well made tire but way lower profile than the 6 X 6.00 on plane now (good year). Tires are 2 inches shorter than current ones, look like go cart tires on aircraft. Wont order again.

Donovan B
October 24, 2017


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Q: Would it be possible to provide me with the weights of: Part #06-01578 (AZUSA 800 X 6 4PLY 7007) and Part #06-00366 (AZUSA TIRE 800x6 4 PLY)

Part # 06-01578 weighs approximately 9 lbs each. Part # 06-00366 weighs approximately 10.75 lbs each.

Q: Hello, What are the weights of the TI006 300x4 and TI001 400x6 tires ? Thank you

TI006 (Part # 06-00361) weighs approx 2.15 lbs. TI001 (Part # 06-00363) weighs approx 3 lbs.

Q: Is part # 06-00362 ribbed as shown in the photo?

Yes, this is a ribbed tire.

Q: Is tire part # 06-00365 (AZUSA TIRE 15-600x6 4PLY) tubeless?

Yes, this is a tubeless tire.

Q: Which tube can be used for AZUSA TIRE 800x6 4 PLY, part # 06-00366?

The correct tube for this tire is part # 06-00358.

Q: What is the max load rating for tire part # 06-00365 (AZUSA TIRE 15-600x6 4PLY) tubeless?

This tire will have a max load rating of 570lbs.

Q: What tire should I use with a 06-01988 tube and a 06-02700 wheel?

The recommended tire would be part # 06-01572.

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