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Part# 07-18052
MFR Model# J7444-42
Spruce Part
Lord Elastomeric Cowl MountJ-7444-4207-18052


J-7444-14: This is for use with Southco fasteners (fasteners not included)
J-7444-24: For use with 2600/2700 camloc (not included with mount)
J-7444-36: For use with 4000 series camloc (not included with mount)
J-7444-42: For use with 4000 series camloc (not included with mount)

  • J-7444-14 PMA’d for 172P and F172P Per supp 86 & 13.3
  • J-7444-24 PMA’d for 172P, F172P, and 172Q Per supp 86 & 13.3
  • J-7444-36 PMA’d for 172 Per supp 13.3
  • J-7444-42 PMA'd for 172R & S
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Much better than the original from Cessna. I believe Cessna is using this mount now in the new 172s.

Larry G Verified Purchase


September 22, 2021

Fit great on our 150M

Mike N
December 3, 2020

Good quality exact fit

Kip G
August 3, 2019

Bought and used on a 2002 C172R. Lord makes these mounts with a space between two rubber donuts. The space allows the mount to have translation in all directions removing the stress from the supporting bracket. The bad news is they dont last long - and they are expensive. The spacing between the rubber halves is usually where the mounts begin to tear as the rubber dries out. In contrast, Cam-Lock and some other cowl mount makers use hard rubber, with no space. They do last longer - they are a lot cheaper, but these hard rubber mounts translate torsion stress into the aluminum mounts if not perfectly aligned to the attaching cowl. The mount will eventually break where they attach to the aircraft. Alignment is critical during the interface between the cowling and cowl fastener so any stress the cowl receives, is distributed equally across all of the mounts. This is easier said than done.

R. C
February 1, 2019

Installed regularly on a 172N. Expensive and dont last long

Steven C
June 28, 2019


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Q: I just purchased the Lord J-7444-24 cowl mount. Does the mount include the mounting bolts to attach?

No. These are for use with 2600/2700 camlocs which are not included with the mount.

Q: What is the difference between J-7444-14 and J-7444-36?

Per the supplier: J-7444-36 is about twice as stiff as J-7444-14.

Q: What is the difference between: J-7444-24 and J-7444-42?

Per the overview description the J-7444-24 is used with 2600/2700 series Camloc style studs, and the J-7444-42 is used with the larger diameter 4200 series studs.

Q: what is the difference between the J-1444-14 and the J-1444-24? There are going on a 1975 Cessna 150 M. The one that was on it was a J-7444-14. Can I use the J-7444-24?

-14 is for southco fasteners and -24 is used with 2600/2700 camlocs.