Part# 0700-158
MFR Model# 0700-158
Fitting TypeSizeBlack Polyethylene
Part No.
White Nylon
Part No.
Adapter Tube to Pipe3/8T x 1/8P0700-1580701-158


Hose and tubing Insert Fittings are available in high density Black Polyethylene or White Nylon. Use polyethylene fittings with Tygon, nylon or soft rubber tubing to assemble low pressure instrument lines such as airspeed pitot and static lines. Use Nylon fittings in gravity-feed fuel lines and engine breather lines.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



Jack C
December 21, 2020


Jack C
November 10, 2020

The nylon tube fittings (connectors) worked as advertised. They arrived when I expected them. I used them to connect lengths of one quarter inch inside diameter polyurethane tubing.

Merton M
November 23, 2019

great products and super prices, Thank you! Bruce

Bruce& S
December 10, 2018

The Black Polyethylene fittings break easily: the 1/8 NPT x 3/8 barbed is VERY weak next to the hex nut portion. I broke two of them just installing them. The first one (used for the bottom fitting of a sight tube) broke without my realizing it during installation, causing a slow fuel leak that flooded the interior of my wing. The second, (at the top of the sight tube) broke while bending the tube during the replacement of the first fitting. Not sure why AS&S sells the polyethylene version, but theyre quite unsuitable for aircraft use. Advice is to use the nylon version.

Mike P
November 4, 2022

I installed these in my pitot-static system. The fittings break easily. I am switching to all brass/aluminum fittings.

Ronald D
February 6, 2018

I installed tee all tube P/N 0715-015 fittings in my pitot-static system. After one year two of them broke at the same time causing erroneous indications (speed). Dangerous thing, highly not recommended.

July 10, 2018


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Q: Is the fitting size reflective of the inside or outside dimension of the tube?

This would be the inside dimension of the tube.

Q: What hose is used with fitting # 0700-153? Its for my static instrument

We offer a few 1/4" I.D. rubber hoses that can be used. Aeroquip 306-4 & Tygon 05-00944 are just a couple common ones.

Q: Are the pipe fittings NPT size?

Yes, the pipe thread on these fittings are called out as NPT.

Q: What item code is 90 deg adapter tube to pipe with 1/8 NPT thread?

There are a few, it depends on material and tubing size. 0710-153, 0711-153,0710-158, and 0711-158.

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