Garmin G3X GMC 305 Auto Pilot Control Panel With Yaw Damper

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Part# 10-05726
MFR Model# 010-01169-20


The optional GMC 305 control panel is a dedicated interface unit that provides advanced autopilot modes like indicated airspeed hold, independent flight director, and third axis yaw damper (when installed with appropriate servos). A control wheel integrated into the GMC 305 makes for easier pitch, vertical speed and airspeed adjustments. Plus, for added safety, the panelís advanced LVL mode button commands the autopilot to help restore your aircraft to straight-and-level flight. And because the servos interface directly with the ADAHRS, the GMC 305 allows for standalone operation of the autopilot in the unlikely event of a display loss. Installation of the system is simple and straightforward, with industry-standard servo mounting kits available ó as well as airframe-specific versions for the popular Vanís RV series (RV-4/6/7/8/9/10 models).
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The unit was installed in an experimental CZAW SportCruiser and is working even better than expected. The Autopilot coupled to the G5 without requiring the GAD29b. We were pleasantly surprised that it also coupled with the 9 year old Garmin 496 that was already installed. I did not expect it to track a course from this unit but it does. We will return the GAD29b that was not required.

April 27, 2020


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Q: What are the dimensions of the GMC 307 autopilot panel?

The panel measures 6.25 x 2.10 inches in length/height with a panel depth of 1.39 inches without connector.

Q: Can the GMC 305 be connected to a G5 and with garmin servos be a AP (two axis )?

Per the Garmin G5 manual, the G5 can be connected to the GMC 305 and the GSA 28 servos. This is applicable to the experimental G5 only, not the certified version.

Q: Is it possible to use already installed TruTrak pitch and roll servos with the GMC 305 and a G5?

Per the manual, You are able to connect these two units but, will need to change the baud rate to match.

Q: Can the GMC 305 be connected to a GNS 430?

The GMC 305 requires a G3X or G5 setup to function properly.

Q: Does the GMC 305 work with the G3X touch screens?

Yes, the GMC 305 does work with the G3X touch screens

Q: Can a Garmin 796 be the gps source for a G5 and GMC305 combination?

Unfortunately, no it cannot.

Q: Will this work with G5 and GNC 355 ifr gps experimental (DualG5’s)?

No, this is designed for use in the G3X system.

Q: Will the Garmin GMC 305 work as a stand alone unit?

The GMC 305 allows for standalone operation of the autopilot in the unlikely event of a display loss.