Part# 11-04098
MFR Model# SC103


The SC103 STROBE is a self contained 12 volt DC operated light designed specifically for Ultralight use where an external 12 vdc power source (battery) is available. Its physical size is the smallest of any self contained strobe light in its class. Measuring 2 " dia. At the base and 4" tall. Using the same xenon flash tube and Fresnel lens that is currently being used on its big brother the Single Magnum Smart Strobe. The brightness has been actual flight tested before sunset and is visible at 3 statute miles (FAR 103 requirement). The flash is in a single wink pattern at about 42 per minute, power consumption is 500 ma (1/2 Amp) and it weighs only 7 ounces. The SC103 is mounted with a 1/4 X 20 stud located in the center on the bottom of the unit. Also, a stainless steel tang is supplied. Its rugged construction makes it a great economical stand alone unit.
When mounting in area of high vibration we recommend the Kuntzleman Strobe Mount. Sold separately. See Accessory.
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Every Kuntzleman strobe product Ive ever purchased has been excellent - this compact strobe included! This simple, easy, compact, self-contained strobe system fits my need perfectly.

Dennis K Verified Purchase


October 22, 2022

Works great. Excellent price

Everett W Verified Purchase


September 13, 2022

The light is working just fine. Thanks.

Joe W Verified Purchase


September 4, 2022

Shipping it back toobulky and heavy for my ELSA SORRY SHOULD HAVE LOOKED AT DIMENSIONS

Capt J
December 28, 2020

easy to install

Jerry F
January 24, 2019

Works perfectly and is bright enough to see at a distance. Shipping was super fast as usual...

October 9, 2017

Great little compact strobe.Even at a great price.Highly recommend.

Billy C
July 13, 2017

easy to instal on my C150

February 22, 2021

Light is good but they constantly burn out. To cheap to put a diode or resister in the unit. Any little,surge or a spark whole connecting the battery fries the thing.. Thats just cheap poor engineering....

November 2, 2018

Worked great for 4 hours, then the leads broke going into the flash tube. Not very durable, definitely consider where its mounted. Obviously it doesnt deal with any vibration well.

May 6, 2022


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Q: Is this unit complete except for power source 12 volt battery? In other words, can one merely mount this, connect two wires, and have a functioning strobe light?

Regarding Part Number 11-04098. Per the manufacturer, yes this is correct. Only needs to be mounted and connected to the power source to function out of the box.

Q: Can I plug this strobe directly into my Voltage Regulator/Alternator on my Rotax 582?

Per the supplier: Yes, this should be fine.

Q: How can we order this sc103 strobe with red lenses? Or do you sell red lenses seperately?

We do offer this strobe with the red lens. Use our part number 11-13090 for the order. It can be selected from the dropdown list on this page.

Q: will this mount on my cessna to replace the old Whelen unit?

Yes, these lights part number's 11-04098 and 11-13090 are similar to the Whelen A470 series lights.

Q: Are these Kuntzleman self containted strobes type certified and come with STC?

No. These are not certified neither will it come with an STC. To be able to get this legally installed for a certified aircraft, you will need to get a 337 from an A&P.

Q: What is the candela rating or candlepower of this strobe?

Per the manufacturer: We have never rated the candela. We based our testing off the FAR 103 requirement which is visibility of the strobe at 3 statute miles.

Q: Can you replace the bulb if it burns out or do you have to replace the entire unit?

Per the manufacturer: The bulb should not burn out, it is good for thousands of hours of normal use. It is soldered in so it would have to be sent to the vendor for repair should the bulb break.

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