Part# 13-12650
MFR Model# C30-A08


This kneeboard is originally designed for high performance fighter and attack aircraft.

The STANDARD features include: right and left light pockets that double as pen/pencil pockets, 1-1/2" wide adjustable plastic strap, 3 clear plastic information pocket, right and left removable document loops, side release buckle, easy access pocket, durable wire clip, and padded backing.

The PERFORMANCE PACKAGE includes: information cards, clear document protectors, removable document protectors, and releasable cable ties (holds document protectors securely to kneeboard).

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


As written above, great for taking notes, fits great, doesn’t interfere with flight controls.

John Verified Purchase


May 2, 2023

I tried a few kneeboards flying my helicopter - and this one is absolutely best! I use to fly with it for years and recommend it to all my fellow-pilots

December 28, 2015

The ultimate kneeboard for helicopter pilots. Spacesaving, well thought through features and organized layout. Becomes very versatile in connection with the seperate flip-pockets (set of 3) that can be added onto the top or bottom end of it. The G-strap securly fastens the legal pad and flip-pockets even during doors-off flight. For IFR-flight I cut out the backside of a binder and velcroed it onto the left side to hold approach plates in Jeppessen sheet protectors. This solution is cheaper and works better than the cable ties and can be detached any time and with one hand. I started using this kneeboard during my initial flight training and after five years of everyday use it is still going strong (except the G-Strap needs replacement and printed sheets have a tendency to leave imprints on the inside of the flip pockets plastic, esp. in high heat). I recommend it to all my flight students that often struggle with bigger kneeboards and organizing their checklists and approach plates in crammed helicopter cockpits. I would buy this kneeboard again any day.

December 9, 2013

I got this kneeboard over a year ago and I still love it. It's a good price and good quality. I fly helicopters and didn't want a large/bi or tri-fold kneeboard that would get in the way of the controls. The pen holders are large enough to hold several pens, I put a small flashlight in one. I like that it has a buckle instead of velcro on the leg strap. The clip at the top of the board is well built and the spring is strong, I've never had anything fall off. It also has a clear strap that goes over the middle of the board which keeps your stuff from flapping around. The only problem is that I have skinny legs and I wish the leg strap would sinch just a little more. I would buy another one, and I would buy from this company again.

September 6, 2013

Seems like a great product. The flips sheets are held with zip ties .... I will probably buy some round rings at the office supply store when I go to get a small paper pad for this .... two reasons its not a 5 star. Nice piece, and no major gripe about the office supply store run. Fits well, has great leg adjustment and a height/suspension adjustment (e.g. you can control how it rests above your leg).

Jeff W
January 24, 2019


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Q: What is the difference between the standard and performance models of the 9-G Plus Kneeboards?

For the 9-G Plus Kneeboard, the actual kneeboards are the same but the difference in the standard and performance models are accessories that come with them. Please see the overview tab for listed accessories.

Q: Who is the manufacturer of this 9-G Plus kneeboard?

These are made in the USA by Hendricks Flight Gear.

Q: Is this 9-G Plus Kneeboard recommended for an A1954 iPad? I’m having size problems.

No, this is not an Ipad kneeboard. See Part# 13-19539 for the 9.7 iPad.

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