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Part# 13-11676
MFR Model# PF AP-1


The ProFlight Fixed Azimuth Plotter is:

  • Manufactured & Packaged in the U.S.A.
  • Made from Premium Clear 8010 Polycarbonate
  • More Flexible & Warp Resistant than Acrylic or PVC
  • Printed using Ultra Violet Resistant Ink
  • Laminated for Lifetime Scratch Protection
  • Clearly Distinguishable White, Sectional/Terminal Side & on Reverse, a Blue WAC Scale
Instruction card will read:

ProFlight PF-AP-1 Plotter
Your PF-AP-1 is a premium Fixed Azimuth Plotter designed for measuring distances and courses on VFR navigational Sectional, Terminal & World Aeronautical Charts. This plotter has been designed to exacting standards and slight variations with chart scales may exist as a result of the instability of paper charts in certain temperature and humidity conditions.

Measuring Distances:
To measure distances first select the proper scale. The White Scale side is designed for VFR Sectional and Terminal Charts, and the Blue side scale for World Aeronautical charts.

Select the proper scale for the appropriate chart type and measure along the course line and measure distances directly from the plotter. A conversion scale for Statute and Nautical miles is provided on the plotter.

When measuring from a VOR place the center hole over the station symbol and align the plotter with the course line and measure from the center point outward using the appropriate scale.

Determining Your Course
To determine your course draw a line(s) on your chart the between the points along your route.

For each route or route segment align the top edge of the plotter along the drawn line and slide the plotter along this line until the center hole in the protractor is centered over a line of longitude. Read the true course value on the protractor where it intersects the line of longitude.

Use the outer scale for Easterly courses and the inner scale of Westerly courses.

For courses which are more North and South use the Partial Inner scale for increased accuracy.

For measuring VOR radials center the protractor center hole over the VOR station symbol and align the ruler with the desired radial or course line.

The magnetic direction will be found on the protractor scale at the VOR 0 degree reference arrow.

Caring For Your Plotter
Your ProFlight Plotter is made from premium materials and will provide years of service.

Avoid exposure to excess heat to prevent warping and to not attempt to fold.




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