G-Force Mount Gf260 For iPad / iPad Mini / iPad Pro / Tablet

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Part# 11-10741
MFR Model# GF260


The G-Force GF260 iPad Mount is everything you need to re-take control of your cockpit and restore confidence to your passengers. Your passengers? You bet! What are they thinking while you’re fiddling with that thing in your lap.

The G-Force GF260 iPad Mount comes complete: with a custom-designed cradle, tailored to your iPad-1 or iPad-2, secured to the remarkable G-Force GF2 Twin base.

In lab tests, the GF2 Mount holds 53.25 gross pounds and withstands a shear force of 16.38Gs. In real time, that means one GF260 Mount Will Support Thirty-Nine iPads.

Rest assured, the G-Force iPad Mount will hold up your window to the world.

User Guide included.


I have this unit and it works well with my older ipad mini. I bought a new ipad mini and the back of it is porous so it falls off after a minute or two. They need to make a cradle for it instead of suction cup for this new ipad mini series. Try putting wide shipping tape on the back, then the suction cup will hold.

October 28, 2021

Excellent device to place your mini IPad near you in a handy quick to view location , very sturdy and the suction cups are really powerful ! Highly recommend this product !

February 16, 2020

The unit does not work. My IPAD falls off within 15 minutes. I have tried both one suction cup or two suction cups against the IPAD. Same problem. After 10-15 minutes the IPAD falls off during flight. The suction cup against the aircraft window holds well. The suction cup(s) against the IPAD do not hold for more than 10 minutes. I regret purchasing this device.

Rob M
September 4, 2021


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Q: On part number 11-10741 I want to utilize a small pilot window on my aircraft for this double suction mount. How wide are the two section cups from there outer most points across.

Each suction cup has a diameter of 3-1/4" and from end to end on both cups are 7-3/4".

Q: Is the G-Force GF260 a portrait only mount or can I use the Ipad in Landscape mode too?

This mount uses suction cups so you are able to mount it however you like.

Q: Is there any reason the G-force double suction cup I-pad mount will not work for the Mini I-pad as well?

No, this will work fine with the iPad Mini. It will generally work with any tablet device that has a bigger back surface area than 4 x 4 inches square.

Q: Does the G Force Mount work with a Samsung Galaxy tablet?

Yes, this should work fine with the Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Q: Will this work for an IPad Air 3 (10.5”)?

Yes, it will.

Q: How long is the arm? I want to mount this on the lower side of the windshield

The unit measures 8-1/4 inches long by 3-1/2 wide. Once seated, the center of the support cup locates between 3 inches and 7-1/2 inches from the window.

Q: Have you any IPAD FAA certification? Have you any FAA certification for this G-force mount?

This does not have FAA certification. It is considered a non-installed pilot accessory.

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