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California Power Systems was founded in 1981 by Mike Stratman and has been the western U.S. regional Rotax Service Center for many years, offering Rotax engines, parts, and other Ultralight and LightSport products to aviators around the world. We acquired CPS in November 2011 and moved the company from San Leandro, CA to Corona, CA where CPS operates in a 62,000 sq. ft. facility. CPS also maintains a maintenance shop and a Rotax engine training facility at nearby Corona Airport (KAJO). Our family has been in the aircraft parts business for nearly 60 years, and we are pleased to offer this new catalog. We look forward to serving you soon!

Jim & Nanci Irwin California Power Systems


Carlos M
January 28, 2020

When I look at the site I found excellent .I hope you can send me the catalog because I have aviation maintenance company . website

August 1, 2017

is a great help tô me

Eduardo B
December 14, 2016


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Q: Does your new catalog still contain the Proper care and Feeding of the Rotax Motor article series?

No, the Rotax technique articles are not included in the new catalog. However, we do offer all of the articles from the original catalog in PDF format on our website. If you keyword search "Rotax articles" you will see the first result is "ROTAX TECH ARTICLES: THE PROPER CARE AND FEEDING OF THE ROTAX MOTOR". This will contain all the Rotax articles for download.