Fat Albert Of The Blue Angels

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Part# 13-10503
MFR Model# AC130BA


The Blue Angels, a U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron was formed to enhance the Navy and Marine Corps. It started in 1946 and is known as the first officially sanctioned military aerial demonstration team in the world. The Blue Angels fly three aircrafts in formation first and then four and now six per show. With the aerobatic stunts they perform, the group became known worldwide. The team was first led by Lt. Cdr. Voris.

The team also operates a Marine Corps C-139T Hercules known as “Fat Albert”. It was designed to transport 25,000lbs of equipment and 45 personnel from one air show to another. As soon as Fat Albert arrives in the site, it is prepared for its dynamic demonstration. The widely known demonstration of Fat Albert is the JATO or Jet Assisted Take-Off. Whenever the aircraft sets off for a highspeed flat pass the words “United States Marine Corps” embossed across the Fat Albert’s skin is seen from below.

The Fat Albert has the privilege to open each Blue Angel performance with its great demonstration flight. It is said to be operated by the US Marine Corps and its crew only consisted of USMC personnel.



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