PneumatIC-Hydraulic Blind Riveter

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Part# 09-01070
MFR Model# PT-100-1


The PT-100-1 power riveter, no larger than a compact drill motor, will install virtually any straight-pull blind rivet with installation loads of 3500 lbs. or less. All blind rivets from 3/32" dia. up to and including 1/4" dia. CherryMax rivets can be installed with the P-100-1. It utilizes a patented two-valve hydraulic pump actuated by 90 to 130 PSIG air pressure. Unlike most riveters, the P-100-1's collect/jaw assembly remains stationary while the outer sleeve-nosepiece assembly is hydraulically moved, creating sufficient load to install the rivet. Furnished with three nosepieces for 3/16", 3/32", 1/8"& 1/4" rivets. Wt. 29 oz.
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Q: Will this pneumatic - hydraulic blind riveter pull Cherrylock rivets?

The unit has a 4000 lb capacity and pulls CherryMax rivets. Cherrylock rivets should not be a problem.

Q: What are the dimensions or the rivet gun?

This measures out to, 7" Length, from the bottom of the handle to the top of the gun. 7-1/2" Length, from the nose point to the back of the gun. 0.90" Thickness of the handle. 2" Diameter of the back of the gun. (widest point on the entire unit).

Q: In what country is this pneumatic-hydraulic blind riveter tool manufactured?

It is made in the U.S.A.

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