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Homebuilders Rivet Nut Tool

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Part# 12-00968
MFR Model# 01


This rivet nut tool is an inexpensive alternative to industrial rivet nut setters. Fast and easy to use for the builder who needs to make sturdy installations requiring a rivet nut fastener. It has unlimited uses. Its design enables the rivet nuts to be seated tighter than with conventional tools. This fastening tool has unique uses!

The rivet nut possesses far greater load bearing capability than a regular sheet metal screw! Proudly made in U.S.A. Use it instead of a sheet metal screw. Its compact design takes up less room in your tool box. For use with aluminum or steel rivet nuts.

Kit includes Rivet Nut Tool, Stabilizing Rod, and Qty. 1 each, 6-32, 8-32 and 10-32 rivet nut.


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Lee-der L Verified Purchase

RIVET NUT TOOL 6/32,8/32,10/32

August 21, 2022

Shiloh T Verified Purchase

RIVET NUT TOOL 6/32,8/32,10/32

April 26, 2022

Here is where the sales person helped me , this is the item not displayed in my 2019 catalogue .

Joseph N Verified Purchase

RIVET NUT TOOL 6/32,8/32,10/32

March 26, 2022

Great little tool and reasonable in price. I used it clamped in a vice and holding the part in my hand. Great results. No danger of the nut twisting in the part so dont get the keyed nuts - you wont need them. You will require some room to work - this tool wouldnt work if the nut is recessed unless you modify it with a longer draw-screw and a spacer.

Andrew K Verified Purchase

RIVET NUT TOOL 6/32,8/32,10/32

December 15, 2021

A great low cost little tool for installing nutserts. Slow but more than adequate if you are installing just a few nutserts.

Mark U
February 25, 2021

Worked as designed, had a dozen 10/32 nuts to install worked great

Karl N
February 1, 2021

Hard to find tool, works great, highly recommend.

Albert B
October 30, 2020

Sets rivnuts quickly. Be sure to lube the sliding surfaces and the sliding lifting screw for longer tool life.

Michael D
September 23, 2020

Gave it a 5 for the value. Ive set at least 50 Rivet Nuts, 6, 8 and 10-32 with no problems. Just use common sense and keep the tool from twisting with a crescent wrench or whatever and lightly lube the slide and under the washer.

Dwayne N
August 19, 2020

The price was right. For installing a couple of rivet nuts this did the job.

June 4, 2020


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Q: I am interested in a 1/4-20 rivnut insert to use to attach a trolling motor to an aluminum deck with no access to the underside of the deck. Does this tool handle the 1/4-20 standard coarse thread rivnut? Thanks

These units we stock do not come with a 1/4-20 stud, however we could special order it from the supplier. Please contact sales at 877-477-7823 to get pricing and lead time of this special order.

Q: What is the largest size bolt that will fit into this Homebuilders Rivnut tool?

The largest is a 3/16" diameter, which is about 4.8 MM.

Q: Will this homebuilders rivet nut tool work for installing nutserts?

Per our tech: Nutserts are installed like Rivnuts. This tool should work just fine on nutserts.

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