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Date: Wednesday - 05/04/2016
Part No: 11-11155


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Note: For use with WingX App.

Enhance your situational awareness and safety with the new XGPS170, Which provides ADS-B Traffic and Weather data directly to an EFB app on your iPad or Android tablet - without subscription fees.

FAA's ADS-B Weather and Traffic Information in the Cockpit Introduced more than a decade ago by the FAA, ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) provides weather and traffic information to all aircraft equipped with an ADS-B receiver, such as the XGPS170, subscription-free. The portable XGPS170 ADS-B In receiver provides ADS-B weather and traffic broadcasts, to a variety of compatible EFB apps (sold separately), for display on an iPad or Android tablet.

Note: The Dual XGPS models 150, 160 and 170 are currently experiencing compatibility issues with Apple software update IOS 8.3. According to Dual, the XGPS does still work with some iOS EFB apps, including WingX and iFlyGPS. However, Foreflight and FlyQ are not currently compatible. If you are currently using one of these devices, we recommend waiting for iOS 8.4 before updating your device. If you plan on purchasing the XGPS and you are using IOS 8.3, we recommend waiting until IOS 8.4 is released.

Please note any ADS-B unit will operate within the USA only when in clear line of sight of an ADS-B tower (flying at a higher altitudes may be required to gain proper signal).
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