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Honor the Legacy of Ron Alexander
with a Memorial Wristband

As many of you know, Ron Alexander was my flight instructor, mentor, and the first person to give me a real start in aviation. I thought of him as a grandfather in many ways. On numerous occasions he discussed with me the importance of having a "Plan B, C, and D" if something prevented me from becoming a professional pilot. Plan B for him was his many successful businesses he owned and operated. In addition to assisting me with my future in aviation, he also wished for me to become an entrepreneur.

In honor of this, I decided to create custom memorial wristbands to honor the legacy of our beloved Mr. Ron. The wristbands are $10 each, and all of the proceeds will go directly towards the Candler Field Museum Youth Aviation Program. The youth program is a second home for many of us, and we are in need of many tools, airplane parts, and equipment. Mr. Ron was very proud of this program, and he wanted nothing more than to see it succeed. I wanted the wristbands to be as meaningful as possible, so I chose the colors sky blue, gray, and light brown. These were the most prominent colors of Mr. Ron's treasured 1917 Curtiss Jenny. In bold, white letters, flanked by two airplanes, I wrote "In Loving Memory of RON ALEXANDER". Wristbands will be available for purchase at Barnstormer's Grill. You may also contact me directly by Email.

By Cayla McLeod