Hammonds Biobor Hum-Bug Detector Kit

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Part# 05-04964


The Hum-Bug Detector® Kit is a low-cost, easy-to-use early warning system that will effectively identify hydrocarbon utilizing micro-organism contamination in all hydrocarbon fuels and oils. These organisms cause fungal growth in fuels and the serious hazards associated with that growth. The Hum-Bug Detector® Kit will detect microbial contamination in its earliest stages if used with a concerted fuel quality control program.

  • Ensures fuel supply quality
  • Eliminates costly repairs and downtime
  • Low cost, easy-to-use
  • Early warning detection of microbial infestation in fuel
  • Detects microbial infestation in all hydrocarbon fuels and oils
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Easy to use, cheap peace of mind.

Joel Y Verified Purchase


November 1, 2022

Easy to use!

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June 4, 2021


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Q: What is the shelf life of the product 05-04964 (HAMMONDS BIOBOR HUMBUG DETECTOR KIT)?

As long as the product is stored at room temperature, there is no shelf life

Q: I need to test some diesel to check for any micro organisms as part of a preventative maintenance program. The instructions in your kit tell me that the chemical in the bottle will turn pink or red if there is any growth. The problem I have is that the diesel oil I am testing contains a red dye for tax purposes. Will this give me a false reading? Is there any other way of testing the red diesel if this will give me a false reading? Your advise will be greatly appreciated.

Per the supplier: You can still use the HUM-Bug Kit. The red dye in your fuel will tint the top layer of the kit. If you have microbial growth in your fuel you will get a color change in the bottom layer of the kit.

Q: Are there instructions for how to use the Hammonds Biobor Hum-Bug Detector Kit? Does it have the approvals of IATA?

We have added the instructions to the "Documents" tab of the web page. The HUM-Bug Kit is not something that needs IATA approval since you are not adding it to your fuel. You are taking fuel out of your tank and adding it to the test kit.

Q: When sampling a tank bottom for the Hum-Bug test, you may get water and fuel. Should the Hum-Bug test be performed on the water layer or fuel layer?

Per Vendor: When sampling a tank bottom, you want to take your sample as close to the fuel/water interface as possible. A sample of 50% water and 50% fuel would be ideal, just aim the syringe at the interface and take your sample there.

Q: How many tanks can be tested with one Hammonds Biobor Hum-Bug test kit?

The Hum Bug Detector kits are single-use test kits, providing results for 1 fuel sample injected into the test vial. brbr The customer will need (1) Hum Bug kit for each sample desired to be tested. Test kits are not reusable.

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