Hammonds Biobor Jf Fuel Microbiocide

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Biobor JF has been used for nearly 30 years as a fuel additive for diesel and jet fuel. Jet engine and diesel engine manufacturers have come to recommend this outstanding additive in many of their operating manuals as the preferred, industry standard fuel additive for eliminating Hydrocarbon Utilizing Micro-Organisms (HUM Bugs) in fuel tanks. Biobor JF is US Coast Guard Certified and is the only diesel additive that has been given a military MIL Spec number.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Specially formulated for diesel and jet fuel
  • Considered the industry standard for killing microbial growth
  • Recommended by airframe and equipment manufacturers around the world
  • MIL-S-53021A
  • Meets ASTM specifications for lubricity in diesel fuels


Aviation G Verified Purchase


September 27, 2023

Aviation G Verified Purchase


September 27, 2023

Prompt service, thank you Aircraft Spruce

Ulysses A Verified Purchase


August 24, 2021

Biobor JF helps a lot to our aircraft Citation Sovereign’s fuel system to prevent microbes and fungi. We recommend 100%.

Julio P
March 18, 2021

I have used Biobor for years and years in diesel fuel! Because water can condense into the fuel, algae can find a nice home in the water layer and flourish! Recently, I had a huge supercharged forklift that seemed to be losing power. I pulled the fuel line just before the filter, and NO diesel came out!!!! Algae had clogged the line..... I blew into the line to clear it, and now my forklift runs like new!!!! Immediately, I also added Biobor to kill all the algae. On another piece of equipment, my tractor, I thought someone had thrown in some leaves into the diesel tank, when I looked inside! Again, I checked for flow in the supply line, threw in some Biobor, and the black leaves started to dissolve and break down...... Its far better to just add the Biobor BEFORE you have a problem, as a tiny amount goes a very, very long way! I try and add it to ALL my equipment twice a year, especially in the Fall when I top off the diesel tanks for Winter to minimize condensation issues!!!! Now, I will Biobor ALL of my jet fuel.........

Alex W
March 5, 2020


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Q: How much of this product should i use per gallon of Jet A1? Is it a once of, or should we use this for every refuelling?

These questions can be answered by reviewing the specifications document. Please clickhere to view it in PDF form.

Q: Can I use this Hammonds Biobor JF Fuel Microbicide in avgas, 100LL?

Yes, per the manufacturer, it can be used with both AvGas and 100LL.

Q: What is the shelf life of this Biobor JF fuel microbiocide?

The shelf life of Biobor JF is three years from the date of manufacture when stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. The DOM is indicated by a small white sticker on the bottom of the bottle in the format CBXXXX. For example, the current batch CB0319 was manufactured in March 2019 and has a shelf life through March 2022.

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